Harkonnen Harvester ReImagined WIP



this is my latest project, Reimagination of Harkonnen harvester from Dune universe, mainly inspired by the game series. 3 years ago, when i was just beginning with 3D, i engaged in a similar project, but messed it up really bad. Now, i believe my skillset has a reached a level where i could already execute such a project with a good outcome.

Here is slightly post-processed clay render of current stage (i used inverted AO shader to pop out edges a little):

And here is a screenshot of model from all angles:

(NOTE: images are larger size, so you can view fullres by opening them in new tab/window)

I already shown the progress of the project to a few people, but many of them find chosen camera angles (they were not definitive, but quite close to the intended final ones) quite confusing, due to the harvester having quite irregular shapes. :slight_smile:

So i decided i would create this thread and consult progress with others, so i make a good choices when it comes to camera, lighting, and environment. Particularly environment was a biggest failure in my previous sci-fi vehicle project :wink: This time i am aiming at CG choice gallery quality, so i want to take time and iterate everything into the fine form (using your feedback) before i consider it finished. :slight_smile:

Here are some reference pictures of environment i would like to achieve. Credits go to original authors of these artworks:

Current stage of project: base mesh done, first and second detail layers done, only fine detail layer missing, sensor/camera/IR tower on the roof missing, some small glowing elements on the sides missing

Roadmap: finish model->start with vehicle materials->experiment with materials->finalize materials->block out environment->iterate on environment->finish environment model->develop environment materials-> add fine environment details->render->postprocess->eat a lot of unhealthy carb-loaded food->sleep for at least 12 hours :slight_smile:

The software i am using is 3ds Max, and will be rendering using Corona.

I will try to post progress as frequently as possible, but i am afraid that once holidays end and a new year stars, it might slow down a bit. :sad:


Okay, at this point i consider the model to be finished… :slight_smile:

Now i guess it’s time for materials :slight_smile:


Very nice! Makes me want to pull the books out again. I’ve got the whole series squirrelled away somewhere. Just be sure to put enough in the scene so we can get a good sense of scale. Looking forward to seeing more.


I agree, Rawalanche, can you maybe post some renders with simple sillouettes in it, so we can get a sense of scale?


Ok, i am adding a picture with 175cm tall biped guy, so it draws out the scale. I will definitely have to add something into environment to define the scale.

I think windows are the most confusing part, as they are very large. Windows are 50 centimeters tall. It will have a huge cabin with 2 seats behind each window. I am starting to think i will model interior cabin too, and make a render of interior looking at windows out in the desert :slight_smile:


Aaand i also started with materials.

Plating material is first on the list. I approached the material creating using procedural workflow as there is just no way i am unwrapping and manually texture-painting the entire beast. I use mainly AO node to distribute scratches and dirt, and simple UWV projection mapping to map the bitmaps :slight_smile:

I added one extra shot of plating in more parallel angle, to show of the reflection.


Hey man,

Great work so far! I didn’t even read your description, but I immediately thought it looked like somthing from Dune with the curved panels, long repeating trim lines, oversized windows, and saturated color. I cant wait to see this thing rolling on some sand!



I tweaked texture little bit more to look like a worn off desert camo, and applied material on the other armor plate parts :wip:

AJ1: Thanks! Desert environment is indeed the plan :wink:


Little update after a long pause. Continuing work on procedural materials:


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