I am developing a full length 3D animated movie.
The movie is a SCI-FI action adventure.

At this point I am trying to put together a 15 min pilot.
With future plans to develop it into a feature animated film.
The final product will be intended to be sold on DVD



:sad: :bounce:

The video will be updated as footage is added.

The video footage contains all the “completed” shots edited together with
sound and final composite. The reason I say “completed” in quotes is because
in my eyes they are about 95% done and all may be subjected to change at any time

But for now they are done.

Or right click image and “save target as”

A short behind the scenes 1.23 MIN. video.
Just something I put together to show some of the process of creation of this project.
I will try to add some more as the project grows.

Or right click image and “save target as”






Hey ,i remember visiting the H2) site a really long while back ,why are you just posting now ,i think you were the one with that robot ,and you had that test online ,it was really good! ,i suppose i can help you out ,why dont you give this story to Ham-E so it can be the feature of his studio later on ,if it gets off the ground?


I may not be able to help physically, but I know where you can find tons of help

Post the job there, you’ll get many posts!!!


Thanx guys…

Any help is good help, I need and appreciate all the help I can get.


:love: I really like your work BOY1DA. The kid models are very cute and lovable. I hope you get your project off the ground. I think you will do well in achieving your goals. You are a hard worker who knows what he wants and goes out and gets it and I like that about you, amongst other things ;). I’m proud of you, keep up the good work, and never quit.

And always listen to your girlfriend even when she’s wrong, to you, she’s always right, LOL. :bounce:


hi BOY1DA,

do you still need help with your project? i could help you out with modeling and eventually with animating and texturing. just tell me if there’s anything to do and i’ll give it a try. if you don’t like it: no worries!! i wont be offended :beer:

btw: nice work!


Welcome Zongo,
Thanx for your post.
Yes, I still do need help with the project and you are more then welcome to join.
I will send you a “PM” to give you more information.


I really like your models BOY1DA !!
And I’d love to join this team.
I work with Maya and I like doing Modeling and rendering stuff.

Just PM me :wink:


This is great!!
The team now includes 3 or 4 modelers ,2or 3 animators ,a renderer ,and if tdotmsiq is in ,then a sound guy. The team looks like its coming together ,and i think most of us are familiar with maya ,Omar ,i think we might need to be working with Maya!:slight_smile:


…good luck


Hey all, Thanx for you interest in the project and your participation in this forum.

The team is growing everyday. So lets get this show on the road. In order for us to get into the flow I will start off with our first animation test. This will help us to develop a work flow with each other. It will let us see who is good at what as well as show technical issues and so on…

From what I see so far, you will be able to use any program of your choice if you are Modeling, however you must be able to export you models to the program that will be the render program. All models will be rigged and textured in the render program (3DS MAX or MAYA) . I haven’t decided on what program it will be yet. The deciding factor will be based on the skills of the artists ability to use one or the other. It will not be based on the quantity of artist that can use one or the other. For example: if we have more artists that can use maya but no one is that good at rigging or mapping or animation in maya because they are all modelers, and we have one or two real good 3Ds MAX people that can do the above real good then we will go with max, or vice versa.

I am a MAX user, but so far we seem to have more MAYA users. I am not very skilled in MAYA but I am willing to use MAYA as the main program. I will still create my models in 3Ds MAX and export to MAYA so you MAYA users may have to give me some tips.

So far we seem to have mostly modelers and animators. We need a few 2D artists to join. We need concept artists and storyboard artists. So if any 2D artists out there wants to jump in on that please do !!!

Okay, now on to our test project.

Since we don’t have any concept artist at this point. We can start with my model of the main female character “TERA” . It has no rig or textures… I will send it to anybody who wants to try their hand at rigging it and anyone willing to try to texture it (Maya or MAX)

For all others who want to try there hand at modeling (Any software) we will try to put “TERA” in a futuristic computer lab. We will need to make props such as a main computer console desk , computer racks, and any other strange computer gizmos. Once again we have no concept artists, so if anyone wants to try to draw a few raw sketches and post them to get ideas do so. If you don’t want to draw your rough idea then you can just make rough box models to show what you are going for. Post the rough renders in this forum so we can get a feel of the composition. We can all make models to fill the spaces where it is needed. For others who want to add props to the composition, they may do so.

For the animators. Once we get a version of “TERA” with good rigging we can then try some animation tests.
I have voice recordings and facial morph targets for “TERA” so we can try to do lip sync animations as well.

We will try to put it all together, the final scene should be a few seconds. Once again keep in mind this will be a test so if it is not perfect the first time, no big deal, we will work at making it better as we move along.

I am also in the process of creating a new web site for this project. It will help us to communicate, send files and showcase our individual work on the project with our own user profiles, and so on.

I will Keep you posted.
THANX, Omar. AKA BOY1DA. :thumbsup:


YOu need storyboard artists and 2d concept artists…

Well go to www.joinedartists.com or www.digitalwebbing.com and show them what you have done so far, namely your models and I guarantee you’ll find an abundance of helpers.

You can also try www.eatpoo.com

But I think digitalwebbing and joined artists would be best for you.


I emailed on the joinedartist forum, so maybe you’ll get some helpers.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

Just remember me when you get famous heheheh or when I need help on a project.

I do hope this helps.


Thanx flog GOOD LOOKING OUT ! :thumbsup:

I’ll save you a seat in my limo with all the hot babes :smiley:


forgot 1 more great spot that you need to post an ad at


Something like this would be kool, but bigger and more monitors


Grrr…this sucks…

Im an excellent character modeler and mainly prefer to animate, but…Im a Lightwave user :hmm: and the majority here is mostly maya or max.

I would love to help with animation but it seems that wont be the case.

Although, I will still hang around and if possible help with some enviornments and such but I will continue to look for a animation project to help with.



Hi, thanks Omar for you kind words in your PM.
I’m waiting from you any final concepts to start modeling. I know it’s soon to talk about lighting and rendering, but if you wanna showcase some models I’d love to try.
I’m learning some animation too, so maybe I’ll be able to contribute there too.

For animation, I think it’s not hard to use another program you’re not used to work with.

ps: thanks Flog, it seems that this project is interesting and the guys involved are skilled … and most important, they are cool :thumbsup:


I hope all works out for you guys. I’ll be in the wings cheering for you guys when this becomes a success. Have fun and keep with it. Don’t let this be another failed project.

I’m currently working on my own project. So lets all get busy.

Lazhar, I’m glad you joined this project. I wish you the best, you are definately a master digital architect. I love your work.

Just remember keep it simple and have fun. I hope you have a script already. If you don’t maybe I can help with that too!!