HARDCORE MODELING: VitruvianMan: Full Body & Shading - Stahlberg


Ok not much interest in this one so far, but I didn’t enter in any of the other two and I thought this older guy would be a perfect test for Mudbox (seeing as it’s used mostly for monsters, lizards and old men). :slight_smile:

I thought I might also make a tutorial of it one day, so I made a lot of screenshots, here are the first ones. I start off in Maya, to make a very low-res guy that I can re-use in the future for other Mudbox projects. At this stage I’m using other references, not Vitruvian man.


Wow, I definately will be watching a pro like yourself during this competition. Good luck.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Here’s some more screenshots. Just kept extruding… since Mudbox prefers quads for now, extruding from a cube is the surest way to stay that way.

When it comes to the foot, it has to get a bit more complex, to avoid stretched and distorted quads. I extruded the leg until it met the floor, then changed direction and started extruding from the two forward-facing quads.

Here’s the finished model, took about 3-4 hours. Starting the UV mapping (since I’m going to try to texture him too). Tried a simple Auto map, would be ok for Mudbox and procedural textures, but not for hand painting in Photoshop…


nice! very quick progress.
you said your gonna texture him, realistic skin texture or something else ?


Funny coincidence - I’m also just starting on a human sculpt in Mudbox, although not for this challenge :slight_smile: I’ll watch this thread with great interest…


Great progress so far! I haven’t had a chance to play with mudbox yet, I’ve only seen screenshots of it. I guess I’ll be learning a lot from this thread. I’m so Excited!


Hey, Tamas, excellent. :smiley:

Here are some more screenshots, no Mudbox yet, wrestling with those damn UV’s. Typical of cg, that something that actually has nothing to do with modeling takes longer than the actual modeling…
I did a cylindrical unwrap on the arms, split the back of the body in two and pasted the bits, plus other bits, to the front part, then I noticed the seam was in the wrong place on the leg and had to split off and move some more bits…


you said your gonna texture him, realistic skin texture or something else ?

I’ll render him in Mental Ray with the misss_fast_skin, and some skin textures, if that doesn’t work I’ll scrap it and make it look more sculptural like marble - I have a suspicion it might not work visually. But at least I’ll have fulfilled the requirements of the category I chose. :slight_smile:


lol…I will w/out a doubt keep an eye on this thread…it should be interesting and educational as well…:thumbsup:


The finished UV’s…

I used an auto-rigger - The SetupMachine for Maya 2 - to rig the guy, and pose him according to the daVinci reference. (Still in Maya)

Strangely, as you can see, I found that Vitruvian man proportions don’t really work as advertised, they are a little bit off. :slight_smile: When legs are rotated as in the picture, they don’t match the length of the picture. And I don’t think I made a mistake with the proportions of the picture or the guy, as you can see he fits pretty closely in the square and the circle in his neutral stance. Also, I don’t think I made a mistake with the placement of the pivot point for the bone, since it would have to be either centered in his groin or far down his thigh for the leg to fit inside the circle at that amount of bend. Weird. I don’t really know what to do now, it feels somehow wrong to cheat and shorten the leg, as this chart somehow through the years has come to symbolize perfection itself.


if it was a real human may be he would be able to fit his legs in the circle. you know that no rigging can immitate how human joints orient in real life so simply rotating the leg may not work. i think its ok to deform it to make it fit into the circle.


Like I have been saying, Da Vinci is totally over-rated, and that drawing is pointless. What is it supposed to mean anyway, the leg does not move in a perfect arc, and neither does the arm, he’s simply drawn it that way to make it fit neatly into his little square and circle, and the proportions he shows are the proportions of but one generic human, and not even a particularly average or aesthetically pleasing one in my view.
It’s a meaningless drawing, why it has become so famous, I have no idea.


I think I’d model it correct and then at the last minute shorten the legs in Photoshop.


seems like the feet is overlaping the circle by an inch or two only, and a real human made of flesh and bones has flexible joints and would possibly be able to fit into it. i dont think it would be cheating.


I think that fx81 is right. I mean, if you add weight to either leg it should compress just a tad bit. I think it’ll be fine if you want to adjust it for the final piece.


if it was a real human may be he would be able to fit his legs in the circle.

I don’t think so. There are 3 joints between the sole of the foot and the hip, hipjoint, kneejoint, ankle. If the leg is locked perfectly straight, and the pelvis does NOT move at all, which is what the drawing shows, nothing in the chain is flexible at all except the thin layer of cartiledge in each joint. Perhaps the whole leg can compress a millimeter or two, the sole of the foot is soft, and the arch of the foot is slightly springy so perhaps a few more millimeters there. But - why should it compress more when raised? When it’s pointing straight down it should already be compressed to maximum right?

You can check the mismatch yourself by opening the Vitruvian man in Photoshop, selecting the vertical leg, Transform > Rotate and place the pivot point where you think the hip might be. Then rotate (no scaling or moving). Try different placements of the pivot point.

Yeah, I guess I’ll just cheat like daVinci did. :smiley:


Another screen: started base geometry for hair and sex organs. As for the dual body thing, I think I’ll try modeling it in the same scene file. I’ll model the arms and legs finished, then copy, paste, flip and rotate for the second body. (The raised legs there are just place holders.)


I’m sure someone has already used math to figure out if its proportional. When thinking about it, I thought that fx-81 was right. But then again, I know nothing about the circle and the square, what do they mean, maybe davinci was just trying to make some kind of incorrect asumption about the body.

Btw… Your off to a great start. I’m curious as to how you’ll do the hair.



I’m curious as to how you’ll do the hair.

Yeah, me too. :slight_smile:


stahlberg, why didnt you use the unfold option in maya. would have saved you heaps of time…

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