HARDCORE MODELING: VitruvianMan: Full Body & Shading - Anish Mohan


Hi. This must be interesting. I am in.
As my connection was dead slow the past two days, I could not upload my wips earlier.
I’m postin them here…in one stretch.

Am doing the mesh with quite a good amount of details in maya…and then try zbrushing it.

My Blockin out:


It’s looking good so far, the only thing that looks bad is his hand, the thumb to be specific. But obviously this is a WIP. Good Work.


good start bro!


Just a heads up!

HRC #3: Vitruvian Man TWO WEEKS TO GO!



pressd the sbmit button twice :eek: pls move on to the next post


thanks friends.

Garrett : thank you! Yeah. I havn’t started on the hands and the feet.

Binder: Thanks bro, hoping to complete it well.

Roberto: Am still on it. Finding very little time :frowning:

Went on to the head…Here are my new wips…

Roughing up!

not satisfied :smiley: …still on it!


Just a heads up!

HRC #3: Vitruvian Man ONE WEEK TO GO! (Monday Night July 24th)



Got a holiday today and managed to update it some more…
Here are my updates. Still wip…




squeezing into the time frame…

High res
Might work on a zbrush model as a team work maybe out of the challenge time frame. this has been a good working experience. thanks for the topic!:scream:


HCR MINI-Challenge #3: Vitruvian Man THE VOTING THREAD WILL GO LIVE Thursday night
Until then I am NOT looking.



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