HARDCORE MODELING!: VitruvianMan: <<Full Body and Shading >>


Alright Everyone here is My FINAL POST!!

I acidentally named my WIP post, so here is my offical one,
My WIP post is: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=382711 -->(and is
calledHARDCORE MODELING-Vitruvian man, John Conelea)

Here is my Final image, Hope you Enjoy!

I modeled this piece in a about a 25-30 hours. I modeled the base mesh in Softimage Xsi 5, and then brought it into Zbrush for high poly detailing. After creating a displacement map, I brought everything into Modo, and rendered it with GI and Micro poly displacement. I really enjoyed doing this Hardcore modeling challenge, and learned alot. Thanks Roberto Ortiz+CGTalk!!

Here are all the links to the other images:

High res image: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/highres.jpg
z brush detail: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/zbrush.jpg
front: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/front.jpg
back: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/back.jpg
side®: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/side®.jpg
side(l): http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/side(l).jpg
top view: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/top.jpg
bottom: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/bottom.jpg
Wip 1: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/wip2.jpg
Wip 2: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/wip3.jpg
Wip 3: http://www.innersolitude.com/john/cgtalk/wip1.jpg


Your not supposed to make anothe thread. This is really good though.


Hey everyone, well todays the due date, good look to everyone!!! PS THey all look AWESOME, props to the whole Vitruvian man modelers!


HCR MINI-Challenge #3: Vitruvian Man THE VOTING THREAD WILL GO LIVE Thursday night And dont forget to post WIP…



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