Hardcore Modeling: Trafalgar Square


Ok here is where i am right now, i have the lion almost done, will start to work in the base of it, and move to the statue of the main guy. I hope to finish the lions and the big monolith with the man statue by the end of the comp… Im behind my schedle so will hv to move fast now. Would be great to hear feedbacks.
Andre Kling David
Ps: this is my first time in this hardcore modelling forum, so apologize if i do anything wrong.


You have done nothing wrong…(but feel free to post as many WIP as you wish)

BTW Great work so far…



Thnx Roberto, i will try to upload at least one wip image per day of work. I have started to model the base of the statue, hope to finish it tomorrow and create the normal maps for the architetural details. If everything goes really well, maybe tomorrow i can start to work in one of the big reliefes ( unfortunatly, i dont hv the picture of one of the sides, if anybody can please take a picture of the 4 sides would be really really helpfull ).
ok, enoth talk, let me know if you hv any comments.
ps: i will connect the vertices of the main block later.


nice work. Lion looks greate - did you use zbrush for normalmaps? - and little capavitymap for difuse(or specular) detais?
Your work is on the good way - can you show more progreses from (so beauty) modeling of the sculpts and interesting details?


Hey Staszek, glad u are liking so far. I modelled a basic shape of the lion on max using some pictures from the lion, after that i exported it to zbrush where i tried to achieve a better likeness of the statue… zbrush is so fun to move polygons around, it is an amazing tool. When i was quite happy with the results i realized that i had forget to create the uv in max before playing on zbrush ( my bad ), so i went back to max and since i would hv to recreate the model on the zb, i decided to add a litle more polygons to hv a better mesh to work on the zbrush.
This mistake took me quite some time, but im glad for i think the second version of the lion looks better. I did have some problems when i created the normal map using the normal map pluggin for zbrush, so i had to create 2 different maps, one using the pluggin and one using the default normal map extractor of zbrush. In photoshop i corrected the normal map of the plugging using the zbrush default map as a guide.
I also used the nvidia plugging to add details to the normal map ( the hair details for instance ), unfortunatly i hvnt figured out how to create and use the displacement map, and i dont hv much time to spend on it right now, so if i hv extra time in the end, i will try to create one, or will just leave the lion and just work on the shaders… the advantage is that its rendering really fast so far.
The lion i posted is just a simple render of the lion in max with the normal map applied. it doesnt hv any complex shader yet, just a simple planet shader on the diffuse with lots of dark browns and blues. And a raytrace map on the reflect slot using a photo i took of a buiding just as a reference.

I didnt understand what you mean in your last sentence, sorry, english isnt my oficial indiom, i hope i answered your questions, and thanx again for comenting. I will upload a picture of todays work later tonight.
Take care
Andre Kling david


Whoa, nice Lion Andre!

Wish mine was going as well.


Ok, yesterday i forgot to post the wip image b4 i go to bed, and today i had class really earlie, so im posting it now. Modelled the base of the statue ( ridiculously complex btw ), i might do it again if i hv some free time in the end of the project, the leafes in the real monument are much smother than the one i modelled. anyway, i started to model the statue, tonight i will upload another wip image of it.

Jaspar, thnx mate, your entry is looking really good. I think u nailed the proportions really well, cant wait to see your lion.

The wip image.


Ok, sorry again for not post a wip image yesterday, the thing is that i wasnt happy with the outcome and decided to redo it… Not sure if i will post the new version of the face of the statue yet, probably i should finish the entire head b4 submiting it, so the critiques can be more productive i guess.
Anyway, i did a small video of a flyingby the lion statue… i hope you guys like, i had alot of fun making this lion, and a video is better to show the entire model. jere is the LINK to it on youtube.
Ok, let me get back to work.
Andre Kling David


Nice work so far.

Keep em coming.


Andre great work so far, Im working on a lion for a toon tv spot, and Im having some problems with loops, I’ll be very happy if you could post a wireframe of the face so I can get some references.



Okay, i had the weekend off, so now its time to go back to the chalenge. Thnxs very much for the kind comments, im glad ppl are liking my progress so far. My plans are to finish the Nelson statue this week and start to work on the relieves very soon. I still hv to do alot of normal maps for the column, and hopefully i will hv enouth time to do some difuse maps for the concrete.
So today i wil work and upload an wip image later tonight.

paconavarro - Hey man, im glad u are liking, the lion was the first thing i decided to do for this challenge, since its sucha cool thing, ( this was my frst lion, so the loops could be better ). Notice that i did this lion only for this challenge, so the loops werent made for much facial deformations ( although i think its able to do some ). The only images i used as references were the statues ones, so i believe that this lion has alot of stylization on it.
Well enoth talk, it was a pleasure to do it, and if you think that might help you, im more than glad to show you the wireframe for it.

Sorry for the huge image.

Andre Kling David


hey andre!

looks really good so far.
keep em coming.



Ok, i had to take a break of this project and thats why it took so long for an update. I modelled the main statue, now i will start on the relieves and luckly when i finish them i will come back to add more details to the statue via normal map.
Im hopping that normal map will be enoth to simulate the rope twist on the statue.
I want to thanks everybody that comented on this thread, your words gave me the energy to keep working on it.
anyway, here it is another wip image.



You have ONE MORE WEEK to finish the project:

You have until the Monday December 18th to finish the project.

Good luck!
Roberto’s Bullhorn: Trafalgar Square VOTING THREAD will go live on the 18th


you guys are doing awesome keep it up! The main statue ought to be a fun texturing segment! Look forward to seeing you in the voting thread.


Hardcore Modeling: MINI-Challenge #6: Trafalgar Square VOTE (POST YOUR VOTING ENTRY)

You have until Wednesday night to post your entry.


Its been a long time since my last post, i had some problems in finding time to work on this project, but i could do a last hour rush in order to create a finish image, even though its not what i would like it to be, but hopefully i will have time to work on this again later.

I have just posted my final image on the proper thread so i decided to post in here a small description of the work and some detail images. Starting from the beauty shot.
The idea of the composition was to give more enphasis on the lion ( since its the only model that i could actually do a normal map ) in the background is the nelson statue, due its height its almost impossible to see much details of it, but i guess thats ok since this happens to the tourists that goes to visit it aswell. My idea is to add a cloudy sky in the background, perhaps with a litle bit of sun comig trough.
here is the image so far

The relieves took me a while to build, i had tried to do it with different tequniques, but first of all i had to draw then since i didnt have much references, so alot of time was spent on photoshop trying to depict all the beautifull relieves.
For the reliev i created a basic model of a man and posed it in all the positions as needed, later i would export it to zbrush and re-work on them, but unfortunatly i didnt have the time for it, and since the deadline was so close, it was better to do 2 basic relievs than a detailed one… hopefully i will be able to recreate them later.
Here is the details of them

The nelson statue was a fun part to work in, in order to do it, i created a basic head and exported it to zbrush, where i detailed it a litle more and rexported to max. Another model was made for the body and later attached to the head, the model was rigged and posed as the statue, later another edit poly was used to better define the model, i still plan to add crease to the clothes, aswell as a normal map for it. Here is a detail shot of nelson head.


Here is the ortho images






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