Hardcore Modeling: Trafalgar Square


Thought I might as well post something, despite having not got very far. I’d imagine the more people post, the more likely we are to encourage others to take part.

I’m hoping to do a scene of the square, looking towards the National Gallery. My organic modeling skills are rather lacking, so while I’m going to take this as an opportunity to practice them, I will probably skip some due to time considerations. I’m currently working on the lions, but they’re not quite at a stage where I’m ready to post them yet. I’ve also laid out the pavements for the scene (but they’re not very interesting). In the mean time, here’s what I’ve done so far on the base of the column…


ill be keeping my eye on this. keep it going!!


looking good i hope the photos helped


good start - nice topology


Thanks for all your words of encouragement!

I’ve really been struggling to find the time to work on it, and the lions are taking an age (though I’m enjoying the organic modeling practice). Hopefully I’ll have finished the lions in the next couple of nights, and I’ll be able to pick up th pace.

Once again, thanks very much for posting those photos Ismini, they’ll be very useful when I get on to the next parts of the project!


Well so far I like what you have done.

But I would post what you have so far.



My apologies for not posting more often. I have to concede I’ve been really struggling with the organic modeling of the lion.

Having said that, that’s the main reason I took up the challenge, I need the practice!

Obviously, both the topology, and the general shape need work, then I’ll try adding some more detail. I’m desperately hoping I’ll be able to get something I’m vaguely happy with completed during the weekend, cos I really wan’t to work on the National Gallery.

Anyhow, if anyone has any advice on the model below, for this struggling amateur, it certainly won’t go unappreciated!..


i’m by no means hard-core modeller my self but from my experience and what I ve seen around, don’t worry too much about the topology since it’s not going to be animated…And so far it looks good to me only quads. Just make sure whatever u do it looks nice smoothed and evened out in a similar maner. Have more or less the same size quads everywhere…
As for a quick look at the lion it’s not bad so far it’s good start and it seems from a first glance that it has the right porpotions…What you luck of is volume…You need to puff up stuff a lot…The mane the belly back leg, tail etc…What i would do to achieve that is to add more edges to work with…Again not a great modeller myself…
hope I helped a bit and not mumbled loads…
Ask Rebecca for some help :+) she’s great.


have a look at AndreKling lion… :+) might help.


You have ONE MORE WEEK to finish the project:

You have until the Monday December 18th to finish the project.

Good luck!
Roberto’s Bullhorn: Trafalgar Square VOTING THREAD will go live on the 18th


Thanks for the feedbak Ismini, I’ll try and follow your suggestions. Andre’s lion is definitely something to aspire to, it’s been useful to look at to see how far off I am!

I’ve dropped the lion for a while, to get on with other parts, will come back to it later in the week. Here’s a quick and nasty render of the fountain…


Hardcore Modeling: MINI-Challenge #6: Trafalgar Square VOTE (POST YOUR VOTING ENTRY)

You have until Wednesday night to post your entry.


I should have been more clear on my last message.
And for that I am sorry.
You have until Wednesday 20 night to post your entry.
(you may tweak until Friday 22th)

The voting will go live with the plug on Friday the 22th.



Well, dangerously close to the deadline. Am hoping to get a scene together b4 the night’s through. Below is a screen-grab of the National Gallery, as far as I’ve done. Need to do the doorways, and the perimeter drop (but am slightly lacking decent reference for either). Will try and get the square together, so I can combine all my models into a scene. Also need to do that lion, though would be surprised if I get far with it before the night is through. Anyhow, my apologies for the jaggies…


Great going there Jasper…Good proprtions on the National Gallery. Running out of time though keep it going


OK Jasper…

I will be posting the plug in 24 hours from this posting.

You got until then



Thanks, Roberto.

I’ve been rather side-tracked by festivities the last couple of days, so still haven’t been able to finish it off.

I’ve done a bit more since the deadline passed…

I’ve added the doorways to the national gallery, tweaked the dimensions of it’s columns, and tweaked the area below the columns. I’ve also finished off the steps up to the gallery. As I’ve been going on, I’ve been noticing more and more stuff to do, so I’ve still got quite a long list of details to add.

The most major details I haven’t completed yet, are the lion, and the lower perimeter of the national gallery. I could do with a reference shot for the perimeter, if anyone has come across one? I’ll carry on with the model, but probably drop the pace from now on.

Anyhow, between a heavy monopoly and drinking session, I’ve got a couple of renders together of what I’ve done so far (linked to larger ones)…

I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge, even if I haven’t managed to submit an elegible entry (though as far as I can tell, only one team has!)


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