HARDCORE MODELING!: Trafalgar Square<<Canada House >


This is my first post in the modeling challenge. This is my blocking stage of " Canada House". Plan to get all the elements in place before getting to the detailing phase. Awe inpsiring building the more you study it the more the details which comes to light.
Comments please


hey kumarC!

looks good. no crits.



My update on the Canada House. Long way to go yet.


Further WIP images.

Need to find more reference. Especially for the left and right entrances.

Its a long and winding road


You have ONE MORE WEEK to finish the project:

You have until the Monday December 18th to finish the project.

Good luck!
Roberto’s Bullhorn: Trafalgar Square VOTING THREAD will go live on the 18th


Hey very nice model good job! Looks like a massive time consumption!


Still a long way to go…and all the engravings and detailing still left to do.

The road is still long and winding


Hardcore Modeling: MINI-Challenge #6: Trafalgar Square VOTE (POST YOUR VOTING ENTRY)

You have until Wednesday night to post your entry.


I should have been more clear on my last message.
And for that I am sorry.
You have until Wednesday 20 night to post your entry.
(you may tweak until Friday 22th)

The voting will go live with the plug on Friday the 22th.



Fantastic model, right from the outset, can’t wait to see it with all the detailing and engravings!



Further WIP Need to get a move on Running out of time.The engravings need a lot of further attention.

Amazing building though.



The voting goes live ON FRIDAY with the plug. Until then, I AM NOT looking.



Winding up the left wing. Next post final images in a few hours time.


sweet! looking really good, keep it up!





I really like the dedication to detailing. looks like all you can go on till a whole township is built !!


WOW! you’re good man :slight_smile:


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