Post here your ideas and tricks used for this challenge.

Know how to do decent hands? Post it here.
Know how to do decent feet? Post it here.
Know how to do decent face? Post it here.
Know how to do that weird hair? Post it!

Looking forward to the posts, but please try to keep it
as application agnostic as possible.


I’d advise making regular well lit renders - pretty much final lighting really, because you see a lot of topology differences compared to your modeling environment.
THis is probably wise for a lot of models, but particularly true for detailed and complex organic models like this one.


Can someone give some tips for lighting or a good material for showing your wip? Im pretty lost because im knew to organic modelling wips.



the thing with David is the anatomy, and the pose. what will show the definition of the muscle and fat?. perhaps an oblique key light, a minimal fill light and some soft backlighting. The texture, as we are going for a recreation of the statue would be something resembling marble. marble is just off white, you may have to make a dirt map, id add some sss too, not too much, although marble has this property im not sure a statue hundreds of years old would best represent this due to al the dirt and wear. these are just ideas , sorry i couldnt be more specific


another thing to be wary of when modelling against reference images captured from Scanview is the camera projection of that program will distort the image for perspective, using those in orthgraphical viewports may prove a little inaccurate.


Yes very true, as for tips::

I would say don’t add too much detail in the beginning of the modeling process. Blocking out your forms and getting the proportions right are key. Even if the model is missing a few things, proper proportions will help make up for that.

References, references, references, the more you have on the subject, the better the out come will be. You may think you know alot about what you’re doing, but there’s always something you may miss.

Polygonal modeling can be very efficient, so push your points, poly face and edges to the limit before adding detail, and then repeat. :smiley:

If you’re going to use a texture map, setting out the UVs early can help. I would say about mid way. Waiting until the end with all that detail already added may leave you with alot of pain.

Save your file in stages, ex:: David01 , David02 , David03 and so on. This will help if you’ve messed up and don’t wonna spend your time trying to get things back the way it was. It can be easier to go back a stage and start from there, or even take what you like from the file you were working on and merge/import it into another.

These tips are relative of course, everyone will have there own way of doing things, but I thought I would share how I go about doing my models. :slight_smile:


Here is one cool thing Michenagelo did when modelin David:

David is one large statue. And people look it from underneath. So, Michelangelo made David unproportional with gradient - lower part of body is smaller and thinner while going to upper part is bigger. He made it that way because when you look from down, you get an impression, farther parts (head) are same distance like lower (legs).

Cool, isn’t it?


scan view dosnt work(detailed rendering) correct now - dont get request from srever.- is this minute problem or something on my mashine ?
is enybody else have this same problem now ?


I got it a few times, it usually only lasts a few mintues.


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