I’m going to attempt this, don’t guarantee I’ll get very far, but I’ll try.



It’s got some problems


I can already make out David with just what you have modeled so far. Great work.

Good luck with the hair :smiley:


Yeah I’m dreading the hair, do the eye’s look to big?


hey qwed!

great start. it really good.
-no i don’t think the eyes looks too big.
hope you’ll finish this one:)

keep it up.



The outer edges of the lips are too sharp and hard, especially at the corners, and the chin is too wide and flat, the eyes aren’t too big, but the shape of the lids is wrong (too round) which is making them look bigger, also the wrinkle at the inner corner of the eye is the wrong shape, the cheek is too gaunt, it should be fatter, and the cheekbone more pronounced, the cleft beteen the nose and upper lip is too big, yu also need to tweak the shape of the nostrils.


I’ve done some work around the right eye, trying to find a way to get around that brow.
The lips, I hate them, always have problems with lips, will keep working on them

My inability to finish models, is one of my greatest flaws (I do have an update for the Reeve face I need to update at some point) I will try my best to get this done though

I did mess around with the ear a little

-the idea of working on that hair is scarring the hell out of me

-finally figured out why I could’nt see the highres model on that scanview software, firewall was blocking it, The software helps alloooootttt, was wondering how I was gonna do this


Hi qwed88,

Realy nice start. Keep going:)



Working on the brows (yes I know it’s symetrical)


I was experimenting with zbrush for a few minutes.
I have’nt really played with it much, but I’m thinking after I get the head blocked out I’ll switch over and atempt to do the hair in zbrush and see how it turns out.

I’m so in over my head at this point, looking at the others is really discourging.


TWO WEEKS TO GO! (MAY 15th):Hardcore Modeling Challenge: THE DAVID!
Just a reminder



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