I m entered :smiley:
the Body Part choosen cuz i havn t enough tome for full body and i want to work all of my free time on the head for good resault
surely i will make the whole body also the shading later but at now i think it s good to just make the part
wish best for all enteries
so let doenload some refrences :smiley:



Here will model started!


Here is what i done in about 2 hoursmaking suck a fantastic anatomy is realy fantastic
crits are welcome


Mohammad great start. Looks like the topology you’ve created will serve as a great foundation. Keep up the good work (ass pat).



the anatomy is so hard :smiley:
but realy fantastic
here is the head base
i know that there are many problems with it so i want ur crits to solve them
tanx for support!!!


tanx Matt for ur support
pleas give me more commnets
the sculpture is too complex
more complex than real :smiley:


hey mohammad. cool. just think more and look better. i’ll give you comments later. you have 3 weeks to model a head. just spare more time on it. you can do it man:thumbsup: .

best regards


Tanx sia
agree with u
i m looking more at refrences


good start, only comment i can give is dont try to model too many details too early before you get the rough proportions right but keep going since time is short :smiley:


tanx mashru
that is realy important trick
i should pay more attention at that and details will done in zbrush
i want to know my model topology problems
there are lots of it with that
may be when i done the other side it be more like the David!
tanx for ur comment



this is how david is shaping
plz give me more comments to make it better
tanx for support


I think the face is the better of all posts. But it is needed see the eyes placed to see
how it looks.


good work, keep going :slight_smile:
for crits,
compare the distance between elements and their height relations.
the corner of the lips are softer
you need a small dent in the chin
compare the width of the nose cartilage, it needs to be little wider on the top part.
the tear duct extends a little bit more
hope this helps :slight_smile:


Tanx Bao
i will do that soon after solving some problems!


Oh realy tanx
that is so useful
i will solve these problems soon.
i realy need this kind of crits!


Head look not bad but first thing what is hit in the eyes is shape of the cheeks and jaw.
Around the lips - you have muscles - try to pinch it more in the sides
lower jaw and cheeks are more full


tanx staszek for support
i will fix that


i fix some problems in this
i solve some problems with lawe jaw and cheeks
and solve some of problems that fx814 said
tanx guys for supporting me!


hey alshakno!

this is coming along nicely.
-but i think his jaw is a bit to broad compared to the scanview.
keep it coming:)



tanx abyss
i will fix that,
i have some problems with the web site that u upload ur wip in that so i cant see them but when reading the other user replys it seems that u are doing a nice process!