HARDCORE MODELING!: THE DAVID: Body Part (Head or more)



this is my attempt :slight_smile:

Latest render:



Ok so I posted in another thread that his head was the best work so far…uhm nope. hehehehe


Oh, crap! That’s some superb work. I just wish that we could have seen more of the progress as the head took form. :cry:


really good modeling :thumbsup: keep going

you should make a target like full body or upper body and not keep it open ended. i am sure you will be able to finish either way by the looks of your modeling

you natalie portman looks stunning and beautiful

ps. can you show wireframes of the base mesh for david ?


That looks insane!

How did you model the hair?



thx for the comments :slight_smile:

just a quick update for today, fixing the hair…they’re not exactly like the statue, because it’s kinda hard to do that…


and the zbrush wireframe (kinda mess :P):



sweet work


A word about the hair. Don’t rely too much on the scanview model, becasue details like the hair scrolls are softer and more rounded than on the actual sculpture, which has quite sharp edges on the hair.


generaly very good work! its very slimar to David. - there is some c&c:
in the nose in the upper part seems to have to much agresive shape on the right side and the shape of the left part neck - in the oryginal is more round.
its wip so i think you fix them well:) and the result will be greate(even more) !! - there is time so you can try to make hairs like oryginal - from this what i see- its not a problem for you :slight_smile:


i compared your screenshot with david i have have to say that your work is amazing. the only thing i would say is your over all mesh has a little bumpyness, that zbrush feeling. once you refine that you are there. the likeness is also very well done. i wish you showed us how you started modeling this from the begining because right now you are almost at the final tweaking.
ps. i dont think the hair needs to be perfectly copied from david since Michelangelo didnt copy it from somewhere else. he made a random hair too. and its much harder to copy a random art than create a new one.



thx for the comments guys, really helpfull :slight_smile:

right now I’m trying to go as far as I can, maybe I will try to make a full body. So I won’t worry too much about the little detail :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the current proggress, still very rough sculpting:

I turned on the perspective on all the pics, just to see what it’s look like.



Thats fantastic.
I’d really like to have a go at sculpting this in zbrush myself, just for a comparison to modeling it in lightwave.


looks great so far, zbrush has gotta be the way to go for the hair, yours is looking cool


your work is greate!! - please show us the progress to this step.


Whoa ho ho hoo!! that’s amazing!! Here I’m thinking I only have oDDity and Staszek to worry about, lol :smiley: I guess you make three. Great job man, for real!! :thumbsup:


another top drawer entry.


TWO WEEKS TO GO! (MAY 15th):Hardcore Modeling Challenge: THE DAVID!
Just a reminder



here is the current proggress:

still long way to go…

oDDity - thank you, I think you will do great job using zbrush, especially with your modeling skill :slight_smile:

Staszek - thx, I will post the proggress pics later on. I used edge looping method to expand the mesh, so it quite basic actually.



WOW MAN!! that’s awesome!! and so fast too!! I admire your speed and your skill.


i would say you are on the top right now.
only thing you need is better documentaion of your work.