Hey dogbreath,

i’m alway the kind of guy who has way too much to say, so don’t shoot me for it :twisted:

i think you should first do as much as outlining the model like the first stage you done. Don’t even think about the subdivision of the sphere and about the rivets and bolts. This is just detail.

Although it is steampunk and the realization is not important, let’s think about the functionality of the think. First i would suggest the propellers in almost all directions. You could put the propeller even in a short broad tube with a fan to close it. This would give you the opportunity to create other smaller tubes connecting the fan to the dome as of applying steam to it from exterior. This will be just to appy some detail.

Then you could create maybe 4 smaller steam-blowers around the fan in all directions as so the dome will be able to go any direction. It is in space afterall :wink: Or now i think about it, maybe the bottom is just enough, but let’s keep the propeller in all directions :wink:

Now these “suggestions” are kind of my idea to be able to afterwards create a more random and fun subdivision of the dome like in your drawing. At the moment it is too grid-like and the big bolts make the scale of the dome a bit too tiny.

Cheers and remember to do with my comments what you like :wink: It’s just my thoughts on it.


Hey Nothingness, thanks for the suggestion, I agree about the rivets and bolts.

I think you have a good idea about the tube and I will try to use your idea.
Is this what you mean.


Looking good. I think your best bet right now is just assembling a library of miscellaneous objects (nuts, bolts, beams, etc.) that you can just sample and drop onto the base model you’ve already got.


Hi Santo thanks for the feedback, thats some good advice, I have been getting lots a ref photos to build stuff from and will start that later today.


Update, made a start on some components. Still have’nt worked out a way to put plates on to the outside apart from bumps or maybe a zbrush alpha mask, suggestions on that and anything else would be great.


Thought of giving Greeble a try?


Thanks I’ll have a look at that.


Hey dogbreath,

The update is looking a lot better. And the propeller is a good option.
Jus want to know what app you are using.

The antenna you did is funny. And why not use it to add more detail to the whole. Maybe add it to all directions. And to avoid symatry you could just use it 5 times around the Y-axis so just rotate it all by 72°. Afterwards when you for example add some other thingy kust next next to such an antenna, you could do another thing at the other antennas. So this way you create diversaty. The possibilities are endless you have fun :applause:

When you find a good workflow that fits your skills and software then you’ll speed up. So have fun at the same time and you’ll see that in the end you would have started in a different way if you should start over. That’s what makes it fun.

Cheers en enjoy :bounce:


This update is 100 times better than the previous. One thing though that you haven’t managed to capture is scale. The doors ( don’t know the correct term for those types of portals) and ladder make it seem way to small. If you can picture someone climbing that ladder, it looks like you could fit maybe 100 people into it, when it should be able to house a few hundred thousand people. After all, it should be the size of a small moon, not a large submarine. Keep at it though. If you can show that much improvement from one post to the next, I’ve no doubt you’ll be able to capture the essence of the deathstar in short order.

Looking forward to seeing some updates.



Update: Sorry i have’nt replied I did’nt get an email notification. Will reply after this post.

Nothingness: Using Max, Thanks for the feedback, its a docking boom, with a suction cup on the end.

RageOfAges: Thanks Rage, You are right about the scale, I did have a scale ref for humans, and did’nt use it when I made the ladder and lost the scale. I will try to fix it later. The scale of this DeathStar is not the same as the Modern one. This one is built in the scale of a large ship except for space. The designer decided from some of the shortcomings of this design to build bigger next time to fit all the external attachments on the next model. This was known as the ISS (Internatinal Space Satelite) and was built before the idea of a DeathStar was concieved. There is a command room on top that shows the size a bit better it can fit 6 people comfortably at their consoles.


This is really cool :cool:

I know this would be a biatch to do at this point but if the deathstar ray dish ma-do-dad were on some sort of turret emplacement that was rotated by gears and pistons and such you’d have a really really steampunking looking death star.

But keep it up - the death stars not an easy one (it being a big sphere and all) you’ve done a great job of making a giant round steam powered ship of all things :grin:


great progress on the modeling.

you are getting there


Thanks for the replies, have some time today, will update again tonight.

Nothingness. Thanks for the encouragement, appreciate it.

GrogMagee. I like the idea, and I want to put a dish on it somewhere. But is’nt that a little too modern for steampunk. Let me know coz I have other things I would like to include but ruled them out for this reason. Like electrical stuff.

I have to keep the DeathStar Ray Dish impression in the hull because it is the key feature of the DeathStar that distinguish’s it from any other round satelite. At the moment the Ray Dish is the focal point of a retractable canon.



Higher Res:




I dig your satilight dish towers with the big cabels. I want to see what exactly this steam star shoots.


great progress.

by the way, i did notice a connection of that fin to the sphere is located where you got the opening for the machinery. Is this going to stay like this is are you planning to add some kind of support?



MeganSoli: Thanks, the Dishes are suction cups on the end of docking booms for starships to dock at.

Nothingness: Thanks you. That area will be closed in before completion and launch date.


Update: These are my final images, I may not have time to do any more on this, so I’ll post these just in case. The sizes are’nt big enough but I may have time to change those tomorrow night. I have a turntable but its not right so I’ll have to do that in the morning.

This was a great competition, I had a lot of fun doing this, and there are some amazing pieces, I am just glad I finished this challange.

I’ll try and add a bit more if time permits.

To all of you who know how to texture, sorry this is the best I can do, my poor old single processor is thrashing to achieve this level


Hey man! some really great details all around. Thanks for compliments and let’s just sit back and enjoy voting. My myself i’m going to Germany for 4 days, leaving in 1 hour :slight_smile: Hope to see you in future ones!


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