I’m inspired by Antropus and Oliveira to create many pieces. I’ll just shoot until gasoline is over or real work gets too busy! (will try for it not to happen :D)

Here’s the first concept design choice (original art by Bjorn Hurry)

Good luck to everyone!


good luck, hope to see this develop


Go for it bro, excited to see it.



thanks for the support!

So here we go…spent a couple hours getting the proportions. That doesn’t represent the final wireframe or designs, just putting things into place…bah, all this is obvious, i’m wasting typing effort…more to come!


nice work man, i always like ur work… beacuse its always… amazing


Thanks for the compliment lockyshekhawat!

here’s a wip on the helmet. Still another pair of hours left on it.


heh…gotta love the mowhawk…nice touch


It’s looking good so far. I’d say you’re off to a good start. Good luck


Sweeeeeeeet! Man, that Trooper rules allready. Great work on the helmet. That fur crest gives him some appearance of a roman centurion. I love it! Bring it on. Can´t wait to see the great modeling you will do to the rest of the body.

Thumbs up!


So if I’m looking at this right, the helmet cracks down the middle and that’s his hair showing through? Cool real world interpretation.


Man cant wait to see what the final result will be, one question where is the hair in the concept?


Love the hair, not doesnt feel like a stormtrooper aspect, but adds a lot of character to the original design.


Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

I did the mohawk and the next additions below to match the helmet to the body. The concept art is great but the helmet and the body look like they are taken from 2 different characters, I’m trying to unite them.

I’m not going into fine details right now since the design is more important atm. I also played a little with bokeh effect in max which is totally overdone…but render took too long to repeat it, and this is just an experiment anyways…


kapasa gomis??
man that stuff is roacking. i dig the mohawk style on the helmet…
now i know y u were polyboosted… :stuck_out_tongue:
best for luck for this HMC man…
i hope this time u win it… coz there aint no fanclub this time :stuck_out_tongue: lolz
this work remids me of ur DW2 biopubishghfdgj…u know what i mean ?? hahahah
keep posting man… great progress…
best of luck


hey thanks buddy!!

Did some more work today.

I’m trying something interesting for the back, I think It will look good when I add some leather straps for matching to the helmet style.


The modeling looks great thus far, I think th fire extinguisher looks too much like a fire extinguisher to me. (Just a thought) =]


The ornatamental borders looks cool, i have no doubts with your sculpting skills will deliver.
On a side note, have you considered the functionality of the piping system? Are the pipes going to affect his mobility or how the main/secondary pipes going to ventilate him?



yo yo yo gomis… its llokin great man… may be u can make them pipes in a good flow
rest looks cool…

MAX. lol


yeah the fire extinguisher clyinder looks a bit odd imo.


Hey hey, I’m back here.

I don’t really care if it looks like a fire extinguisher. Weird is good in my dictionary and that’s what Steampunk means to me. Lots of meaningless detail that add to a solid design.

On the other side thanks everyone for trustnig my modeling skills :slight_smile:

Here is my update. I’m building down but all the small details will be added in the end.