UPDATE Finished work:

What follows is the original post:

I had made another thread that was not posted. I do not know why. But anyway. I am getting into this challange a little late but I am going to do my best to finish on time and I think I can. If I don’t it will still be fun. I will be modeling a landspeeder hot rod. Here is a concept sketch. The design might change a little as I model but the basic idea will remain. And the “Rat Fink” will be a “Yoda Fink.” I will post WIP shots as they become available. I will start modeling today.


Interesting idea, but you might want to check with Roberto if you can modify Luke’s Landspeeder. From my memory, you have to reproduce a character/vehicle that was shown in either the movies or Clone Wars cartoon.


Cool idea, just hope you have enough time to do it in!


Well I dont see a problem as long as you use Luke’s landspeeded as a basis…

But keep in mind ou have a short amount of time.



Yes, you had said someone could do a darkside Yoda so I thought this would be okay. It will be luke’s speeder. I wish I had time to model luke or an alien female model to pose with it but I’ll see what I can do. I’m starting right now. If I don’t finish on time I won’t be in the running, but I think I can. I think I can.


Really sorry for the double post but I didn’t know about the new poster having to have their first two posts aproved so a mod can feel free to delete the other thread I made with the same topic.
And how do I post pictures that show on screen? I clicked the image button and pasted the code in but just a clickable link apears on the post.


go to http://imageshack.us/

choose your file and select the “host it” button

then copy the code for “hotlink for forums 1”

paste that into your post and don’t use any of cgtalks image buttons etc. Its all done for you…

Looking forward to your entry : )


This was the start about an hour in…

Here is where I am at now. I have to get some sleep.


Thats really nice mate. Would like to see it finished with textures.:thumbsup:


cool Idea!
can’t wait to see more


I did a bit more today. Fixed some topography, started adding some of the actual hot rod items.

I’m enjoying this. I really wish I could have gotten in on this earlier and done something more but I’ll do what I can do.


I guess enjoying what you are doing is the most important part.
that’s a cool Idea and I like the model.
can’t wait to see more updates.


An update. I wanted a bit more of an exagerated look so I modeled more of the engine than I intended and raised it higher out of the hood. I looked from inside the cockpit and surprisingly the driver would be able to see the road inf ront of them. Adding mainly details now.


WooWee look at that interior! Who knew moisture farming paid so well.


Now this is brilliant. I love how you have taken note of George’s passion for cars’n’hotrods. Good work.:thumbsup:


It would be funny to composite in a scene from American Graffiti.


That’s lookin great! Little lowpoly but regardless, fantastic work. Top notch engines and interior.


That is just effing cool. Nuff said.


Thank you. I know about the pollys. I just graduated so I’m kind of stuck in doing medium poly stuff because of short deadlines and having to animate everything. I need to get used to breaking out of that for certain things when its necesary like this. And I’m trying to do this in two weeks. I’m going to have this parked out front of the entrance to lukes’ house.


ARTIST NAME: Robert Kraiza
Landspeeder Hot-Rod
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=510368





3/4 Wire

Beauty Render

And of course, here is the “Yoda Fink” I created for the paint job… It is behind the seat, look closely.

I entered this contest with two weeks to go and this is what I came up with. I worked on it quite a bit to get it done and I’m not horribly disapointed but more time would have been fantastic. I used 3d max 8 and rendered in max with mental ray.