HARDCORE MODELING!: Stan Winston Tribute: Sayer of the Law (Dr. Moreau)


FINAL update:


TURNTABLE ANIMATION: http://www.supload.com/vid/Sayer_3_lg+final/302289822/mov/

  First Post:
  Although its late I had to enter this HCR challenge (my first).  I caught day one of Siggraph right before leaving that evening on vacation, so I was already itching to get back on the computer when I returned. After seeing the work on display for this challenge (especially Antropus and Oliveira- two artists whose work and tutorials have helped me out more times than I can count), and being a huge Stan Winston fan (who isn't?) I had to participate.
    I was looking for characters other than the main iconic ones that everyone knows of (although I really would love to do a Predator).
    The characters that came to mind were:
    Sayer of the Law (Brando/Kilmer ver. of Island of Dr. Moreau)
    Sarris (Galaxy Quest)
    I chose Sayer to begin with and will see if I can do the other one or two. I may do sketch sculpts of the others (I want to improve nailing those forms right off the bat in the first session of a sculpt like the aforementioned artists do...we'll see.)
    I began sculpting from some Internet pics, but they were few and far between, very low-rez, so I bought the DVD and got some screen caps. Below are some examples and an Internet ref pic from a kit sculpted by Anthony Veilleux.
    My progress left to right , top to bottom:
    I started with a box in ZBrush
    Divided it and started carving in the face
    Began giving shape to the head
    Added a Sphere for the hair
    Decided to lose the sphere and add the hair on the sculpt (and subconsciously started turning him into a gnome)
    Tried to fix the Gnome look on the features of the face by adding detail to the hair........uh, yeah.
    Finally fixed some of the features by adjusting them directly
    Here is where its at now:
    My next planned step is to retopologize so I can have a better base mesh and fix the artifacts and stretching in areas like the horn tips. Once I get that I'm gonna go to the lower subdiv level and improve the primary forms of the head and face (my mantra for this challenge) cause he's looking alittle too much like a lion.


Hmm, the images you posted only seem to load partially, then they disappear. when I try to view the images separately… It says " the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors" Does anyone else have these errors?

what did load looked really good BTW!


Thx for the feedback and the compliment :slight_smile:

The images are loaded from my CG gallery.

Is this not a reliable way to insert images?


After a long weekend away from the computer (unfortunately) here’s the latest from tonight. I improved the nose and some of the face proportions, starting to look more like him. Also included a base mesh for the horns and fixed the silhouette of the hair.
The plan is to retopologize next and revisit the main forms before refining.

Comments and critiques welcomed.


Finally an update. I retopologized the meshes, and detailed the clothing,robe and the horns. Also refined the hair, fixed proportions, etc.

Don't know if I'm crazy about all the detail in the hair, seems like too much (too busy and taking away from the face.) I may smooth it down to easy it back (or a different material?). 

C & C are welcomed.





ARTIST NAME: Christian Sanchez (Sirhcnait)

  [b]TITLE:[/b] Sayer of the Law (Island of Dr. Moreau 1996)
    [b]TOTAL TIME: [/b]32+ hrs (approx.)
   [b]SOFTWARE:[/b] ZBrush 3.1 (base mesh for horns in Maya 8.5)
   [/b][b]DESCRIPTION[/b][b]: [/b]I've observed HMC's for a while now, and after catching this one a few weeks into it and seeing the work being done I felt compelled to join. The talent demonstrated on this challenge and the support of artists of all levels really made this a special one (IMHO). Also, I think Stan would have gotten a kick out of all artists and work from this challenge that was inspired by his legacy.
   As for my piece, I see a lot that I want/need to fix (eyes, hair, etc) But i'm relatively happy with what I'm showing considering the amount of time I was able to give it. I learned a ton working on this and from observing the other artists. This HMC got me to finally get off my butt and participate, and for that I'm grateful.
    [/b][b]WIP THREAD[/b]: [http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=668956
   ](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=668956)[b]BEAUTY RENDER[/b]: 
   [b]HIREZ RENDER LINK [/b]: [http://s3.supload.com/free/Sayer_Beauty_1200.jpg/view/](http://s3.supload.com/free/Sayer_Beauty_1200.jpg/view/%20)[](http://s3.supload.com/free/Sayer_Beauty_1200.jpg/view/%20)
   [b]TURNTABLE ANIMATION:[/b] [http://www.supload.com/vid/Sayer_3_lg+final/302289822/mov/](http://www.supload.com/vid/Sayer_3_lg+final/302289822/mov/)      


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