HARDCORE MODELING: Ray Harryhausen Tribute: Diorama


I’m going to do some shot from this fight sequence with Kali, which has always been my favourite, or at least the thing I remember most from those Sinbad movies.


Great choice! The shot you’re picking as well as the creature are really nice.


Cool choice look forward to seeing how it tuns out. One of the more memorable scenes for sure.


u started yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea great choice, im looking forward to seeing this too :slight_smile:


Rod - awesome choice - I am looking forward to seeing the progress :slight_smile:


Hi oDDity,

Nice work, that’s one of my favorite scenes of Sinbad as well, you gotta love the multiple arms, seems like a pretty daunting task, other then that, looking forward to your progress, keep it up.

Take care :thumbsup:


I only got around to starting it yesterday. Just a base mesh at this stage and the pose.
I’m not sure how much I’ll do with sculpting and how much with polygons. Half and half probably. There’s not very much serious high rez sculpting to do on the body as far as anatomy, since it’s meant to be a simple pagan idol, and not supposed to look like Michelangelo sculpted it.


No critiques good to see you start. Looks like a nice mesh. looking forward to progress are you doing a whole scene.


looks good so far!


Hi oDDity,

Nice work, yeah i’d keep the base mesh low res and sculpt your way up, unless you’re gonna animate your work, lock the feet to the ground, otherwise it might look like the character is going to fall over, good job on the overall pose, other then that, keep it up…!

Take care :thumbsup:


From looking through your website, I cannot wait to see this one finished - your work is quite amazing. I have added a photo for you in the reference thread, if you need it.



I have the movie to take stills from, but every little helps, thanks.
There were two versions of the Kali model used in the movie, there was a full sized one and a minature one for the animation. It’s mainly the full size one I’m referencing.
This is some more detail added, maily just poly modeling, I did some basic sculpting of anatomy, but not too much, becasue it will ruin the style of this charcater.
The other character is just there for scale.


Woah very cool. I think just keep it at this level and texture and rig it. Nice work.


im not sure how the full sized model looks but the one on the reference seems different. urs look more anatomically correct then the actual stop motion puppet. the face also seems a bit long and thin on urs compared to the puppet. personally i like urs better and im not sure whether or not ur trying to be as accurate or just making it look cool. looks great so far man.


Well the one in the reference above is the latex minature, the one I’m mainly looking at is the full sized model. I’m not sure what this was made from, but it’s certainly more detailed than the minature one that was used for the animation. They’re quite different from each other, so I’m looking at both and making a blend between the two.


please dont take offense, im not saying anything bad about it, im only posting crits b/c i think it looks great and ive seen ur other models before and its always looked close to being spot on and i like the fact that u strive for that next level:

i think the arms on the detailed sculpture from the movie has fatter/bigger arms then the one u have. it seems beefier whereas the model u have right now seems more feminine but if ur doing a blend of the two then i see why u would make them more slender. also the head dress on the original seems closer towards the face and not so pushed back as in urs but then again the puppet one does seem a bit further back. i see that u nailed the face in likeness to the detailed sculpture though. the problem is that when u combine too many elements of both the sculpture and the puppet, i think a part of what made it special to the artist becomes lost. u know what i mean? its funny that the puppet has more slender of a waist then the detailed sculpture. are u going to put in the larger hands and the detail trim that sits behind the statue?

looking at it now the refs must have been a pain in the ass to measure up to each other.


Yes, I am making mine more feminine, because I think that’s how Ray wanted it.
IF you look at the two versions of Kali above, you can see that the full sized one looks like a man, if it wasn’t for the breasts it would look almost totally male.
The miniature that Ray made is obviously a lot more feminine, so I’m deducing that he wanted Kali looking feminine, and I have made mine slightly more feminine and detailed than the miniature.
You have to remember that Ray was restricted with the materials he had to work with, making a latex miniature like that in the Sixites was no easy task, and I’m sure it didn’t turn out exactly the way he envisioned it.


Excellent modeling skills you have… I like your approach and the added feminism looks great…I can’t wait to see her textured.


very nice work like always! modeling is perfect