HARDCORE MODELING!: Ray Harryhausen Tribute: Cyclops


Hi ,Heard about this today and I just had to join in. Ray has been a hugh inspiration to me.
I took off work a little early ,because I was so excited about this, and started my base mesh .I’ve got about 6 hours into this so far. I’m kind of slow making meshes from scratch. The likeness isn’t there yet,I plan on finessing it a lot in ZBrush. I was looking through my stuff because I know I have some 8x10 of the Cyclops somewhere . I made a mask of him back in the 70’s and gave it to Ray.I think the mask is in Germany now with some of Ray’s Models. If anyone has a good large photo of the Cyclops I would really appreciate a copy of it. So far I have been using the little images from the web.
Anyways here is what I did today.


Diabolos posted some great images from the movie museum in Berlin, and there’s some good shots of the cyclops. It’s in the reference thread.
I’m not quite sure whey they got some of those models from though, because the Kali model for example doesn’t look exactly like the one form the movies. I’m not sure about he cyclops though.
Nice to have you on board though, it’s a pity Ray couldn’t take part himself)


Great to have you onboard Rick. Sound start to your model, looking forward to following your progress.


From what I’ve read Ray doesn’t have a particularly high opinion of chaps like us doing this on computers - he’s pretty sure it’s a lot easier making monsters on the computer by the sounds of it.
Perhaps MonsterMaker is one of the few people who can counter that opinion with geniune authority.

Besides, what with you and now Rick here, the competition couldn’t be any stiffer! :wink:


Cool competition! Unfortunately for myself, I don’t have the time to participate. However, with Rick here I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this. Good start. :thumbsup:


How funny oDDity, the Cyclops that Diabolos posted is the mask that I made for Ray back in the 70’s. I haven’t seen it since then. I remember it looking better. I hope I can do a better job now.
Mattoo, I know for a fact that Ray is very impressed by much of the CG work that he has seen. I figure that it has to bug him some though that one CG shot cost more than the whole budget of many of his films. It also has to be weird to see the number of crew members working on CG FX films because he basically was alone in a dark stage doing his.


I suppose I like to think he’s impressed, but I think he’s got a skewed view of how it all works. I’m pretty sure he thinks it requires huge teams of techy computer guys to do this stuff.
He has said that if he were starting out now, in this day and age that he’d never have joined the industry. I wonder if that’s just because he was introduced to this stuff many years ago, when it was something only a room full of nerds at ILM could do.

Anyway, back on topic, good luck with the Cyclops - is it just going to be a bust or the whole figure?


This is certianly the one to keep an eye on! (no pun intended)

Are you planning on creating the entire model, a bust or diorama?


Welcome to the challenge Rick. I’ve been enjoying all your posts over at ZBrush Central. I use the alphas you shared there a lot. Thanks.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with on Cyclops!


Hi I had less time today to work on this .
The proportions still aren’t right but I think it is better .
I still have a long way to go.
I’m glad that I doing this challenge because it is showing me how much I have to learn about making a good mesh.
I quickly painted in some teeth so I could see how they would look.
Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to whip this into shape.


Great start, Rick! (but then, you’ve had practice, heh!)

Can you post some wires to show off how you’re developing the mesh?


Looking good, Rick!

The nose and mouth ara are what make the cyclops, in my opinion, and you have those down pretty good already.

A lot of Ray’s “humanoid” models have a distinct mouth area. I think it started with his version (never filmed) of one of his martian designs from War of the Worlds. They have this moustache-looking appendage which he use on the Ymir and Kracken, also. But I see some semblence in it in a lot of his models, like the cyclops and even Medusa, to a certain extent.

Enough rambling…


Hey Rick, what a surpraise to find you in this little challenge. I hope to see you final model asap hehe. All the best man.



Rick, How about showing us wires of Cyclops?


OK here is where he’s at now.Couldn’t work on him yesterday so I got up really early today so I could work on him.
Godlike27 OK I show you some wires if you promise not to laugh. I’ve made very few meshes and originally was planning on making just a really basic shape and importing it into ZBrush and doing most of the work in there. That is what I usually do.


looking great rick, looking forward to seeing you put some muscle tone on him :thumbsup:

keep it up


Tweaked him some more and quickly added forearms ,too quickly, I wish I would have spent a little more time on the first one before I mirrored it over. The hands really suck but I’ll fix them. Painted a really quick and sloppy BG just to start to see how it will look


I’m not laughing. I have a massive collection of wires (humans mainly) from the net
and it seems that everyone makes slightly different choices, I’m fascinated with some
japanese game modelers, they make very low-poly and very cool anime characters.

Your Cyclops looks good though I’m not familiar with the character or Ray Harryhausen’s
work, since most of it was ‘before-me’:frowning: so I missed it… Like I was too late to see
Jimi Hendrix live… dang


Thanks for the wires, Rick! Looks really good actually, nice and simple, clean flow. It’s always interesting to see how different people handle different shapes.

Anybody who laughs receives beatings! :smiley:


I’m having fun and learning a lot. This is the first time that I have ever modeled a figure . I’m sorry that I started modeling it in a posed position as soon as I did once I lost the symmetry it is taking longer to make changes. I spun a lot of edges and cleaned up the mesh a bunch today.I was planning on going to ZBrush much earlier and adjusting the figure there but I’m having too much fun in Modo at the moment. Originally I was thinking of just doing a bust especially since I got a late start,and since I have never modeled a whole figure ,but I seems to be mutating into the whole guy.