HARDCORE MODELING!: Ray Harryhausen Tribute:Creature Series/Diorama


Alright i’m in on this one. I’ve decided it would be a challenge to do a creature series but also a diorama for the creatures too. I plan to achieve a diorama of at least two characters. The three films i’m currently looking into are

  1. Clash of the Titans (winner of choice)
  2. Golden Voyage of Sinbad
  3. Sinbad and the eye of the tiger

I’ll have a final decision based on which ones i can get the most reference pics for hehe. Good luck to everyone. I hope alot of people participate in this one also!

Edit: Also i will be texturing the models as i just read that it’s encouraged…never read that part before else i would have in the past so i’ll start with this one.


good luck yencaray, good to see a familiar face or err avatar


Three fine films and a stack of awesome creatures to choose from, good luck with the challenge mate.


FYI to all:




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