HARDCORE MODELING!: Ray Harryhausen Tribute:Creature/Diorama


Hello everybody just resering my spot, this comp is too cool to not join in. I really need to get a job soon, so i will make this models suitable for my demo reel, and since im trying to become a game artist, my models will hv some polycount restriction aswell map size restriction.
My idea was to do a fight scene between Calibos ( Clash of Titans ) and the Centaur ( Golden voyage of Sinbad ). My plan is to make one character per week, and hv the final week to do an enviroment rigg and pose them.
So far i have got the clash of titans movie and did some skecthes of the calibos model, if everything goes well i should start modelling it today… Im having a bit of trouble to find the golden voyage film.
My idea is to have each model to a maximun of 6000 polygons with one or 2 1024x1024 maps, for normal, spec, difuse. This should be fun, so lets stop talking and start working.


Interesting concept. Are you going to equip Calibos with a trident or spear-type weapon to make it a fair fight? I seem to remember Calibos was only slightly larger than an average man whilst the centaur was more like a troglodyte combined with a horse. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.


sounds interesting indeed…good luck


sounds cool Andre :slight_smile: I will try also to make something


Thnx guys, unfortunatly i couldnt start today, hopefully tomorrow.
About the fight, well calibos use a wip on the movie, and he also has a small trident instead the rght claw ( or hand ).


Ok, i manage to get started, the mesh needs aloooot of work, but i will try ( this time i will try ) to upload an image of how the model is before i go to bed.
so enoth words, here is my first wip image.



Nice start Andre, he’s recognisible already.


Hey thnx Cameo, i hv to work more on it though.

I couldnt work on the model over the weekend, hv being very busy looking for a new apartment, but today i could go back to the model. My plan is to finish the base mesh by today or tomorrow and go play with zbrush or mudbox on it. The last thing i will do ( if i do ) is the texture maps ( excluding the normal map ofcourse ) since this is more a modelling challenge.
Okay, so i will post a wip image of how the model stands right now, will go back to him after hv something to eat. would be great to hear what u think.


NICE. Keep walking! ( and bump the chest to a troglodyte appearence)


Ok, i have worked a litle more on him, but unfortunatly i couldnt finish the base mesh yet ( hv to finish it by tomorow or will be behing my schedle ), still have to do the tail, adjust some things while i still have the symetry for later do the right leg. Im not decided yet if i should do the version with left hand or the trident one.
Since the deadline was expanded, perhaps i can do another model, i want to make Kali, and if the centaur fights kali it would be a more even fight… so for the final composition i may do calibos sitted on hir chair ( like an emperor ) while the centaur prepares to fight the 6 arms goddes.
well, have to go now, would love to hear your thoughts about it.
The model has 3200 tris so far, my plans is to finish the base model ( whitout hair and cloth ) with 3500, and have an extra 1000 for clothes and a 500 for hair and fur… will see how i manage to do it, not so sure yet how to make his messy hair.
anyway, the wip image



Yea looking good Andre. Will you be clothing him or trying to do it with textures?

My $0.02 on Kali:

It’s completely up to you which direction you take your challenge and if you have the time then by all means go for all three. There’s a danger though that the more things you decide to model, the greater the chance that you won’t finish some or all of them as completely as you’d like. Personally I would rather see one model done really well than 3 done ok, purely due to time constraints.


Hey Cameo, thnx for the suggestion, the thing is that the speed modelling is also part of the fun, and my original idea was to model a character per week, and since the deadline was extended in 2 weeks, it gave me a plemty of time to play with, but you are totally right, its easy to lose control and try to do too much at once.
I will cloth him up, for the clothes changes a litle bit the sillouete of the model, besides im still behind the polycount i was aiming to. Yesterday i did some nice tests with real time fur ( the tecnique used on shadow of colossus, king kong and so far ) and i think it can work really well if i also model a basic hair shape, the thing is that its quite poly consuming, so i might hv to rethink my plans, perhaps do some optimization on the model, and try to do the clothes with 500 instead of 1k tris.
I might go with the trient instead of left hand version, it will save me a few good polygons if i do that, also it helps to break the symetry alot… will see how dense is the final model and then take this decision, would be cool to hear the opinion of you guys about it.
I hope to start working on the model soon, but first i have to finish some school work.
thnx for reading
Andre Kling David


I have to rethink my goals with this contest, i dont think i will be able to do both models i have been wxtremly busy moving to the new place, so many things to do that i almost dont have time to work on this. by now i should hv the 2nd model done, and ijust finished the base mesh for calibos… still hv to do all the sculping and juicy stuff. also dont know how the real time fur will work. Maybe i should use this model to try out mudbox.
The polycount is a bit higher than i wanted to, i could do some optimization though. Right now the model has a litle more than 3500 tris. maybe i should go for 6k instead of 5k. or perhaps i should take his left hand out ( damn i have to decide about it, otherwise i hv to do his ring ).
anyway, hopefully i will be able to work more on it over the weekend.
the wip image



I think you can get rid of his left hand, cause in the movie Calibos gets his left hand chopped off and he replaces it with a fork. that should shave off some polys off of your model. Anyways I can’t wait to see your next post, so far it’s looking really great. Keep it up!


Yea that would definitely be a nice way to lower the polycount :slight_smile:

He’s looking great Andre and I’m glad that you will be devoting all your time to the sculpt now rather than doing multiple models.


Yeah, i dont think i will be able to finish it by the deadline, i hv a huge work to do and dont know when i will be able to play with this guy again… It has been a lot of fun to work on him on my spare time. i decided to do the entire model only on max, do i started to build a higher res model to get the normal map from.


Well that’s a pity, because it’s looking good.
You still have a month left though, so I’m sure you can squeeze some time in.


Hey thanx man, it really means alot coming from you, your work is superb.
I worked a litle more on him, and will call it a night… if i have extra time i will keep working on him.
here is the last image. good night all.


please finish - it is looking great - just make a bust or something (instead of your originally planned fight scene).



Hey, thx for the comment, i will try my best to finish, the fight scene is out of question though, probably will do him sitted on his king chair ( name? ). it will depends if i get a free lance work or not, and the deadline for it.
I want to enter the dominance war2 alswell, but i will try to finish this one first.
hopefully i will be able to work more on him tonight. im really having alooooot of fun making the high poly model, and learning alot also.
will do my best, glad u guys are liking.