HARDCORE MODELING!: Ralph McQuarrie Tribute: Luke and his snowspeeder


Three days off. get ready to Zbrush start.

I think I will concentrate on a model on stand and not diorama… I will add the snowspeeder if I have time. If not, to back but I will get the most of Luke first


Just finish the chest area.


[li]Starting the Face[/li][/ul]


Hi guys, my three days off didn’t give me time lol so I take this day for create the head and start in zbrush.


[li]More sculpting on the head.[/li][li]Finish the belt with the pockets.[/li][li]Posing[/li][/ul]


Love the head.Looks great.


Really nice and tidy work on the clothes so far. The head is looking very good, I can clearly recognise Luke already!


really? thanks! lol I try but too many time with the same model I had to take a break to relook on him today and see if he still look like.

But from you, it’s a cool comment. Thanks


Good start, the likeness is definitely there. I don’t know if you need it but I created these 2 ref images for a past challenge.


Ah cool! thanks. I have enough ref of luke. But 2 more are welcome lol


AH ah! Finally done all the props. I’m ready to switch in ZBrush.


[li]Start the cloth[/li][li]Reshape the boots[/li][/ul]


Here we go! The cloth is start and the boot reshape.


[li]Add the seams on the objects[/li][li]Detail the plastron[/li][li]Detail the boots[/li][li]Detail the pockets[/li][/ul]


Take some time tonight to advance Luke:

I add the teeth and tongue that I forgot to do. I detail the plastron and add seams on the coat.


[li]Detail the boot[/li][li]Detail the pockets[/li][/ul]


Try to pose. Never use transpose before… ahah it’s a bit tricky lol


That is starting to look realy good.


This is going really well! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, Do you have critiques?


Well now that I compared it to the original drawing, the neck does seem very long. Also, the position is a lot more crouched in the original. The rest is just detailing - cloth wrinkles and such.


Cool thanks. I tought the neck was long, but in the T pose it’s look fine. So I tought maybe it was the posing and the angle in the concept the problem… but Hey I don’t critique Ralph! lol

And has my diffence for the pose… It’s was my first try to pose him… he will be more crouched next time :wink:

thanks for the critiques Twi


Few updates to come. I was packing for my new home. So I will restart my wip soon.

Maybe finish the head. Don’t look very luke for me.


Ahah you hope to see more? But i didn’t have time to work on this.

Maybe i will try some hours more but I never tought I would be so lazzy lol

Stay tunes


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