HARDCORE MODELING!: Ralph McQuarrie Tribute: Luke and his snowspeeder


Being a huge fan of Star Wars (of course), I choose Ralph Mcquarrie instead Moebius, even if Jean is a master too.

   I choose the Luke diorama on Hoth. when his snowspeeder crash and the AT-AT walk on him.
   [left]I choose that illustration because:

[li] I don’t want to choose the popular illustration of Mcquarrie and be one of many artists to redo the same art.[/li][li]I love snow scene in general. Great Lights![/li][li] I want to sculpt a character to improve my organic skills, but I want to do some great star wars vehicules to add to my portefolio (love the snowspeeder design)[/li][/ul]
I will try to recreate the diorama in that two months. But I will focus my time on Luke first, then the snowspeeder and at last, the At-At if I have time.

   And ya, I plan to stop texturing before modeling all models ;)

I already gather the reference pictures on my drive. I will post soon the batch pictures.



Great choice! Was considering this one myself. Best of luck to you. Good mix of organic, hard surface and environment.


I like your choise…May the Force be with you …Awesome


hehe thanks obiwan :wink: be with you… always :wink:


Here some references for my Luke model in rebel suit


Great choice.
Will be following the progres.


At last… University end! totally free!! lol

Starting tonight my base mesh


Good luck. I really enjoyed your Up entry for Pixar with the boy and all of his accessories.


hehehe thanks… try to get a mesh finish this time :wink:


I talk all night without really modeling… so I decide to share with you my rotoscopies blueprints of Luke in rebel flysuit.

[left]Tomorrow day off, so I will start modeling base mesh. maybe the head part with the helmet… we will see


Here my first draw. I start modeling the basemesh of the Rebel suit


I decide to start the helmet. I realize that is a concept helmet. I tought at forst it will be the New hope x-wing version (because you don’t generaly draw a concept when there a standard, Like C3PO was draw first but then his shape didn’t change in the Mcquarrie concept illustration later)

Tomorrow, I will try to finish my base mesh.


[li]I pass a little time today to check the suit and this is not a “onepiece” like the ANH x-wing suit or the fan replica.[/li][li]Also add the boots and gloves if I have time.[/li][/ul]


Ahh, pass some time on redo some part of the suit mesh like I said. Making teh suit two pieces now + a belt.

I add the start of the gloves + the turtleneck.

And ahahhah I’m sure you want me to stop on that level of details for my boots :slight_smile:


It is nice to see some progress.
Keep it up.


I will keep it up. Already satisfy with the main shape. I have to add the gloves and refine the boots lol

and add the head (Mark Hamill time)

ANd I will pass in zbrush soon


Add some poly + Turtleneck


Great start Scote … eventually I won’t participate on this challenge because I have other things to do in this time, I know what I will be missing.
Enjoy this challenge.good luck


Hey! Nice choice too! Love the composition of the concept! Looking forward to see more!


Little by little I will finish my basemesh… ya my basemesh! lol I like to model clean before Zbrushing.

[left]I think there’s little to do:

[li]Finish the Medipak on the chest[/li][li]Add some bag on the belt[/li][li]Add the harness[/li][li]Maybe the lightsaber (even if we don’t see it on the main concept)[/li][li]And of course the head ;)[/li][/ul]


It should get interesting in Z-Brush.