HARDCORE MODELING!: MASTER OF ANIME - Tezuka Osamu - Character - Astro Boy


Hello Everyone. :slight_smile: Great to be here! :smiley: ( although I’m a little late )

For this challenge I’m going to create a character model of Astro Boy
based off the 2009 movie.

I’d like to reinvent the character a little and not just make a carbon copy of it.
Kind of like a mock up for ‘Astro Boy 2’

This is going to be my first ‘serious’ model.
Good luck to everyone.

Program: Blender and Gimp


First of all some references
The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of Astro’s ’ My pelvis is crushed up into
my rib cage ’ look and make him 10 instead of 13 as in the movie.



I reduced the size of his rocket boots



front and side view


That’s all got. I spent the whole month obsessing over how to create an
epic model rather then just getting my hands dirty and just doing something.
I finally learned that but it’s too late for this challenge.


If you want to finish you got until friday to work it.

Here is where you post your final entry:

Masters of Anime: POST YOUR FINAL ENTRY…


@ RobertoOrtiz

Good to know, thanks :smiley:


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