HARDCORE MODELING!: MASTER OF ANIME - Katsuhiro Otomo - Steamboy - diorama


Hi everyone this is my entry for the challenge, I choose this Scene from steamboy movie

since I saw the challenge yesterday I haven’t started the modeling just yet so I will update the thread later this week with the process


Original choice! Good luck


thanks Scote, good luck to you aswell

This is what I have so far, started with some of the props first to more time with the main character later on.


I’ve been working on the main character the hair is kinda tricky I will try to do the rest of the hair on mudbox i think will be easier


Thats some really nice poly modelling.


thanks airflow.


That’s nice! A lot, have you the REF blueprint link?


yeah sure, this site provides almost every character sheet on the film, its amazin.


the cycle ref are hard to find I get this image that has a perspective view of the cycle and the one that I posted before to introduce my entry.



Wow Fantastic site! Thanks a lot! Post it in the REF threat


No problem glad to help, I also posted the link on the reference thread for the challenge. :wink:


Hey, I can see that you enter in challenge, I like your style of working…clean modeling and wow about the Ref site…I will pick after this challenge an character to sculpt one for my portfolio… good luck on the challenge


haha yeah I’m exited about the challenge. this is the first time I enter a cg forum and find out that you guys share the same passion about Japanese animation, I always wanted to turn 2d drawings on 3d models so I practice a lot to achieve this style even though I have a lot to learn and hope you guys help me becoming a better artist, thank you for the comment and good luck to you to!!


If you need help or you have questions, you may post it in your threat.




Great modelling dude.


thank you sonic X


Hows this coming along?


here some updates,

some objects are missing since the last update because mi computer crashed and well I lost a big part of the progress but I’m still working on the diorama,



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