HARDCORE MODELING!: Hollywood Dream Machines: <<The Wraith (1986)>> Dodge M4S Turbo


Reserved for Most recent update WIP pic and final image.



Time permitting I am attempting my very first car from the movie The Wraith (1986)- Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor.
I loved this movie when I was a kid even though looking back now- DAM was the acting atrocious! Charley SHEEN LMAO!
Anyways, I thought the car had a lot of character to it and nice lines.

So without further ADO I present to you the Reference Images:::


Initial stages: I scrapped a model already- was going to be one piece for the body but decided to add more detail parts. Hope this pans out:

An image with the half mirrored:

Keep in mind that this is a rough- I’ll bang it out and then smooth it out- didn’t really feel like messing with curves or Nurbs


Wireframe View. Please keep in mind this is unsmoothed.

Side Profile of WIP:

TOP/Front 3/4 View WIP:


Nice start there CKPinson. Can’t recall watching ‘The Wraith’… apart from the ‘not so great acting’ is the movie worth a watch?


You know what, you can actually watch the movie for free in its entirety even at IMDB of all places! It’s not entirely bad just a lil stale here and there- love the racing and the cars!

O and thanx by the way! Hope it turns out the way i intend!


Guys, I have a strange issue I’ve never had happen b4- I put in like 2 hrs of work into this model yesterday and went to save it- in the middle of saving Maya crashed- I relaunched Maya only to discover that the file was overwritten with partial data so for example the car itself is missing from the scene, the materials are missing… Any fix to this or cut my losses? I did save other copies that still work but they are no where near as complete and are at trouble spots too.


personaly, I save every half hour. You should start from your last scene… Maybe it’s far but you will save time. I explain.

You already do it oin two hours. You can redo it better in half that time. And you don’t have to resolve that problem or wait for an answer before you regain your goal.


Yeesh, sorry bro. I’ve had similar problems with other software and it just plain old sucks.
If its Windows 7, you can try using file version history but it usually requires having it set up ahead of time. This link is a full explanation.

However, if you find that you have no recoverable version and you just have to roll back to an old copy power through and do it again. I find that my second version is usually always better than the first.
Good luck!


Yeah I thought of that after I got to work so now I am eager to try and recover it. Just have limited time to do my fun stuff so it’s a bummer. I have 7 Pro but haven’t yet seen if I have a restore point on it, there’s also a very slim chance I resaved it to another HDD but doubt it.

Thanks for the INFO Wyatt!
And Scote, you’re right but just that I don’t have a lot of spare time these days and was looking forward- :slight_smile: Guess it is what it is.


Not that it’s going to help you now, but at work we use openPipeline, it’s basically a file organization script that saves a version every time you save your file. There has been sooooo many occasions where something got screwy and I just restore the previous version and WHALA!


Is it not the function of saving? lol

If he didn’t save for 2 hours… you script won’t help him anyway. Modeler just have to learn save very often


Included an attchment of the previous versions window= it is quiet the leap from previous to current as in a few days. Progress was about 1 hr LOL- so better than where I was. Thanx again.


I’m just saying everytime you hit save it creates a “workshop” file, you don’t have to worry about deciding when to pop off a new version or save over existing file. I just hit “save workshop” like every ten mins and my progress is neatly stored hassle free inside an asset manager. But to to comeback to your point, yes, you still need to train yourself to initiate the saving every ten mins or so.
I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with motion builder, but a big red box pops up flashing the word save in the top left every 5 mins… We need that for maya lol


There is also the autosave function in Maya. I have mine set to save a file every 20 minutes just in case something happens and it has been useful.


autosave is very usefull but it sometimes makes me crazy, if working with very large files that take about 2 minutes to save and your programme (Max in my case) freezes every 20 minutes while the deadline is closing makes you Mad(Max) :slight_smile:

About the car, I don’t know the film, but it looks cool!


If I recall, last i tried auto save which was like more than a year ago, it doesn’t create a new version each time- just overwrites the current one which in my case wouldn’t have helped considering the current file became corrupted upon crash- unless each save gets a place in Windows Previous Versions list because mine was more than a few days old but then that group was several close together- may be a setting to tweak.

Think I may have bad RAM- had a few BSOD memory Dump crashes since I reverted from WIN 8 preview back to 7- or my 7 install is corrupt. Ran Memory test and HDD test and they passed


Reverted? That doesn’t sound so good. Yeah, I’d try a repair install on Win7 just to get it refreshed.


The project folders that Maya sets up include an autosave folder and it does save out a new version each time.


OK- good to know- Tonight my time will be wasted reinstalling Windows 7 once more. Hopefully I’ll be back on track by the weekend.

I’ll take a look in that project folder- didn’t think about it so THANKS!