HARDCORE MODELING!: Frankensteins Castle <<The Castle & the Environment >>


Ok I’m pleased to say that I"ll participating in this challenge on a team with:
this will be our modeling wip thread and we’ll be posting our daily work each day here.

[li]Here is the download link to a collection or ref pics used for our modeling. ONLY DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE HELPING OR ARE ALREADY AND HAVE CONTACTED ME PLEASE. Theres a limited amount of bandwidth that i can use and want to make sure to save that for those who are truly interested in helping. [/li][/ul]
Reference Pics DL
(Compressed .rar file) Updated Wednesday morning[b]

                                 list of models:
                                 [/b][b]1. Old Lantern - [/b]yencaray[b]
                                  2 Torches - [/b]Yencaray[b]
                                 3. Yard - 
                                 4. Torch Holder Wooden posts - [/b]Yencaray[b]
                                 5. cliff Gate - [/b]Brazz [b]
                                 6. cliff Gate lock box and mailbox - [/b]Brazz[b]
                                 7. over hang on cliff gate - [/b]Brazz[b]
                                 8. Bridge and archways - [/b]yencaray[b]
                                 9. handCart for materials - [/b]DarknosAurae[b]
                     10. watch Tower - [/b]DogSter
       [color=white][b] 12. Scafolding From watch tower to casle and stairs for lower entry[/b] - Dogster[/color][b]
                                  13. upper bridge way on cliff - [/b]Yencaray[b]
                                 14. Road leading up to castle on cliff - [/b]Yencaray [b]
                                 15. trees - [/b]Yencaray[b]
                                 16. Chapel and chapel tower (lab)- [/b]Spyrogyro[b]
                                 17 room and board (main building)- [/b]Yencaray[b]
                                 18 garage/storage - 
                                 19. stone Wall and terrace to Scafold - [/b]Brazz[b]
                                 20. Gas tank, matches for lantern hung on tree at bridge -[/b] Yencaray[b]
                                21. North Terrain - [/b]Yencaray
                                 [b]22. Dungeon type door with small view hole and bars - [/b]DarknosAurae
                                 [b]23. Multi style Wooden Barrels - 
                     24.  South Terrain - [/b]Yencaray            
                   [b]  25. Well -[/b] Brazz[b]
         [/b][b]26. Hill Tower - [/b][color=Wheat]Aqua 9[b] 
  [/b][/color][b]27.  Body Handcart - [/b]DarknosAurae
  [b]28. Torture Table and torture Rack, handing post[/b] - DarknosAurae

29. abandoned and old Graveyard/ garden By Chapel -


Here are some wips of the main part of the castle (which really isn’t a castle) the lab. And the South side of the bridge that leads to a shallow cliff that leads up to the estate.

 Lab (spyrogyro) - [img]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b41/moon_lit_eyes/CGTALK%20forums/render3.jpg[/img]
 South side of bridge - (Yencaray) [img]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b41/moon_lit_eyes/CGTALK%20forums/SouthSide_WIP1.jpg[/img][img]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b41/moon_lit_eyes/CGTALK%20forums/South_Side_Lantern_WIP1.jpg[/img]





Hey there guys, I would like to help out with any modelling. I use 3dsmax btw.

P.M me if you interested, cheers.


its cool good job


I’ve started on a wagon you guys are free to tear up and use. What format works best for you guys? Unfortunately I can’t committ myself to do alot of things as I’ve got a few other projects going on, but since I had some down time today at work I put this wagon together for you. I’ll update this post with pictures in a bit, just letting you know I’m working on it.


cool ok ill start on making some stuff and post it later oh and can my brother join with us and
he’s got some really cool stuff too oh and just tell us what we should do for now ill just come up with stuff untill you tell us what to do.


Keiphus - Hey thanks this is awesome~! Format speaking in file? we’re mostly using maya in fact i’m the one with the main scene so a .ma .mb file works. if that doesn’t work .obj i think would work all around here. looking forward to what you have!

mrn - Just do something off the list there and post it up on here. check to make sure no one has clammed it yet or if it’s already done. I’ll post the refernce link for those of you who want to get started i’ve put together a .rar with pics for styles and ideas so we’re all looking at the same material.


ok cool lets get started


is this good guys oh and wheres the list of the stuff that hased to be done


ill do the garage and storage


i’ll take the stone wall plzplzplzplzplzplzplz i got the perfect thing for it


sry i wont be doing this project my stuff wont up load and i wont work when i send it to yencaray so someon else can do the stone wall sy but bye and if u would please tell everone about my webits at mittscgarts.wetpaint.com and i might beable to help another time bye


grt start guys! all the best. looking forward to a wonderful piece!


Wips for today.

Cliff Gate(entrance to the castle)

Dungeon Door:darknosaurae

Scene Progress:


here it is tell me what you think

oh and ill also do the room and board


Sorry I havn’t been able to do much modeling lately. Heres the near finished door, smoothing groups arnt resolved, and couple object groups. Hope you like.


Couple props. Hammer, axe, keg, and bucket.


i’ll do the well plzplz i’ll do a good job on it and i figerdout how to get it on the web so plzplz


hey Dark, nice work there mate.

I have finished the mailbox, here it is:

mitchel: please translate what u just said hehe :wink:


good job guys grate work
like my garage