Hardcore Modeling Challenge: David (Full Body)


Mickey was kind enough to supply us with the proportions and pose, so I think the best plan is to make it a body part at a time.
So, starting with the right leg…

This will be pure poly modeling, no zbrush, which makes it one hell of a task. The amount of detail in the anatomy is ridiculous… this half finshed leg took 4 hours so far,
For me, legs with highy defined anatomy like this are the most difficult part of a figure to model, because the mucslce groups and the way they fit together is so complex.


Nice start! looks like your getting a leg up on everyone else(sorry bad joke)
are we suppose to post our WIP here? or in the modeling forum?


Please post it here…




Nice job

I’m working on the eye region right now, its taking forever, the detail is amazing.

Looking great, keep it up.


damn man! you suck, why you gotta be so good, huh? you make me sick!! Seriously tho, it’s looking damn good man, I have alot of work to get mine remotely close to that. GOOD JOB!!


Very cool. I’m seeing a bit of artifacting/pinching around the knee, and to my eyes it looks slightly thicker/shorter than the real thing. And I think you could exagerate the overall curves and definition a little bit more.


Heh, yeah, I tend to work real messy adding edges as I need them and clean it up as I go along. LW doesn’t do triangles very well in subpatch mode, or n-gons until 9, so smoothing it all out to quads is something that I do after I’ve got the anatomy I want.
It just looks thick becasue it’s truncated at the top and bottom, I can assure you it’s in perfect relation to my front/side view references)
How defined to make the muscles is where the difficult really lies here, it’s hard to really discern it properly until the whole leg has been finished and I light it properly, then I can easily adjust them.
As rule, I always think it’s better to make them slightly less defined than you think they are.


Really? I tend to go for the opposite and make shapes more defined. My thinking is that soft lighting, translucency and so on will tend to make real world objects look smoother and less defined than they physically are, so standard default lighting and phong shading can be misleading and unatural, its bit like looking at a plaster cast in a black room with a lamp above your head.:slight_smile: Plus I just prefer over-exaggeration to under-exaggeration.
Anyway, I don’t your model needs to be more defined everywhere, mostly just around the lower knee (see the attached screencap from the scanview david).


I m agree with the Gjpetch


I haven’t finished the knee yet (or any of the leg) it’s just what I had when I finished modeling last night.
Overall, I think subtlelty works better than exaggeration when doing realistic anatomy. Lighting can makes things look harder just as much as they can soften it out.


Yes, lighting can be crucial in modeling this monster.
Great start! Maybe i’ll try too…


End of modeling session two. I didn’t get the foot finished, mainly becasue I spent about and hour and a half on the big toe, and still couldn’t get it right :confused:


hey oddity!

this is a very nice start. the onlt thing i can pinpoint would be his toes looks too squarish, but as you said yourself, it’s only wip. -so good work and keep it up.
hope to start my attempt tomorrow.



heya oDDity! :thumbsup:

Looking really nice so far, loving the upper leg, but the lower leg and foot, i dunno, dont look quite right… i know you said you haven’t finished the foot, but the Achillies Tendon and heel looks slightly odd, especially from behind. This may be one of the areas not yet completed, just though i would add my thoughts! :slight_smile:

Keep going, im really looking forward to your progress on the torso!

Cheers, Justin…


very good start, the knee seems to have more detail than required


Nice Details :slight_smile:


I agree about the knee, it’s looks over complex when I rendered it with lighing. The problem is that studying the sculpture from evey angle in scanview, and changing the lighting a lot, does show up a lot of details, whereas if you just look at a front view with top lighting it lokks a lot simpler.


Nice start.
No need to nitpick at this stage, and I’m sure there’s no reason to when you’re finished.
Man, this is a tough one…
Good luck!


End of session #3 = 5 hours.
THe leg and foot are pretty much finished. It’ll never be perfect, and I’ve the whole rest of the figure to do, so I can’t tweak the leg forever.


hey oddity!

great progress. looking really good.
i haven’t got any crits besides, i’ll think it’s a shame with all this bump, your model would look just fine without, or atleast just tone em down.