Hardcore Modeling Challenge: David (FULL BODY & SHADING)


I wish you’d post a shaded view so we can see it properly. Wireframe doesn’t really tell the story.


OMG! What a lovely torso, this is a great challenge.


…more excellent work!


i cant wait to get it to zbrush:)





Jeez, the legs were fast) That’s looking really great now. I might have to use zbrush for details myself, just to keep it fair)
One thing I notice is that you seem to be modeling it more like regular anatomy, while I am copying the anatomy of the sculpture as closely as I can.


i have made many man :slight_smile: but not this technicue - anatomy in this sculpt is umbeliveble - diferences of the right and left side - for example groin in this pose in the right side lasts are hiden in the guts:) on the left are spread - just example

this figure is very dificult for me - espetialy pose - little mistace and looks wrong…

details -there is many but i belive with zbrush i will expose them.


There are not really many details that can’t be easily modeled in, apart from some veins in the hand and forearm.


It’s starting to look really nice, I like your technique. Keep it coming :thumbsup:


Your technique is very complex ( for me ) but it serves you very well. Very nice!


haha thats true :slight_smile: its not very workflow - anyway we will see how itworks in the finish line.






looking good man!!


It seems like you over exaggerated the details, if you look at the scanview, the muscles on the chest dont look very much like the muscles on yours. I havent looked at the rest but I would work on that.

I know mine isnt any better, but I know you have the skills to fix it if you tried.


yes - there is many diferences - i fix them :slight_smile:


TWO WEEKS TO GO! (MAY 15th):Hardcore Modeling Challenge: THE DAVID!
Just a reminder





dude, you’re really an awesome modeler. maybe in a few years i can match that.

im guessing your using edge extrude?

great work so far, recreating a masterpeice isnt easy. (except im sure it was harder to make the masterpeice in the first place)


very very good modeling :thumbsup: keep going
you can finish it. you got a good chance at wining this


yes, you got a good chance, really nice model dude.