hardcore modeling challenge big ben tower: Kirouac


Hey guys and girls!!!

I’ll try to join u for this one same if i’m looking at photos of big ben i become crazy with all small details it have on it. And there is a lot of talents here, i don’t know if I’ll be able to follow :D.

It’s with practice that we get talents so lets work hard.

I try to begin the work in XSI ( i usually work on 3dsmax ) but was searching the tools too much so i switch on 3dsmax. XSI seem to be a really strong application, i hope i’ll have time to work on it more on another project.

Here what i have with a lot of hour ( about 7 hours)


That is very good work, I like it so far. Please keep going.


Here an update that took me a lot of time to do, i had some difficulty with the ornements on the column on each side of the clock. I don’t think i’ll have time to do all the tower but i’ll try to do the most that i can.

thx for the comment Binder ! :slight_smile:


I can totally relate with that, but you’re doing great tho, so keep it coming man :thumbsup:


This looks awsome!! You have my support all the way. Cant wait to see more!


Just an FYI:
ROBERTO’s BULLHORN: BIG BEN (The voting thread goes LIVE on the 13th)

Looking forward to your final entry.


Here is an update …

ROBERTO’s BULLHORN: BIG BEN Voting Thread Will Go Live On Friday June 12 @ MIDNIGHT
Until then…
I am NOT looking.



last update…


Nice update…

You have until Friday for tweaks…



Last update i think before friday. I hope u like it


Dont forget to post the orthographic images for the voting thread.



Very Nice Man!!!


Thx Binder :slight_smile: for ur encouragement.

Roberto i’ll post the orthographic view tonight thx :wink:


Ok here my final result for saturday vote, i had time to finish what under the clock, but i didn’t had time to work on the roof, i’ll still have time to work on it, but after the vote ;).

3D Studio max 8
vray render
basic color for the texture
faces 417 431
vertices 511 427

Ortographic views 800x600 [size=1](didn’t have time for best quality render sorry)[/size]

-front view

-top view

-wireframe(too much edges in this)

between 15 and 20 hours (hard to say cause i give a lot of small periode of time)
still lot of time if i wanna finish the work :smiley: I’ll try but like a participant of the david challenge said, it’s harder to continu after the deadline…

I hope u like it, good luck to all modeler :thumbsup:

(Clic on the picture for larger version)

Final render (1200x1600)

close up (800x600)


the top view doesn’t really do it for me…lol…j/k man, but what you can do ( if you have the time ) is to render one side ( b/c it’s the same on all sides ) render a 3/4 top and a 3/ bottom view.

I like how neat/clean your model looks. I really think you should take the time and do at least one best quality render. With these renders, alot of the awesome detail is being kinda blurred out. And I fear that some of the folks that are going to be voting, will not take the time to follow your W.I.P.
I personally love it, it’s a great model. Thank you for participanting!! :thumbsup:


here some other closeup that i will not be able to put in the final post for time reason, the deadline is finished.

3/4 wireframe 1600x1200

front view wireframe 1600x1200


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