Hardcore Modeling Challenge: Big Ben - Clock Detail


Ok im kinda new here, never done any challenges before, but i tought this would be good to brush up my modeling skills. Ill be doing the clock and some of the windows beside it.

1st update: about 2 hours into it


Wow for only 2 hours! The grating looks perfect…if you don’t mind me asking how did you do that? I know I am going to have alot of difficulty with that part.


Well i made a imageplane with some photo reference, so getting the proportions right was quite easy after that

Here’s another update: +/- another 4 hours


Update: many more hours i think i lost count :P, i also did a little lightning test


Wow, that’s looking great thumb.


Really nice work dude, i hope i’ll be able to give to my scene the same result :wink:
With which soft are u working ?


Wow realy cool modeling , can you show how much of the tower are you actualy planing to do ? … congrats.


Insane and most definitely hardcore.


Looking great. :thumbsup: Tell me, did you model the gothic lettering completely by hand, or did you
use a font?


Hey thanks for all the reply’s everyone!

I’m using Cinema4d

I’m just doing the clock face itself and some of the details around it, not the whole tower

JustChrisThe instcription is completely made with extruded splines

I’m really busy with my exams for school but i think i have an update ready soon.


Here’s another update:

I mirrored it, so the clock on the left may look strange


Just an FYI:
ROBERTO’s BULLHORN: BIG BEN (The voting thread goes LIVE on the 13th)

Looking forward to your final entry.


Here is an update …

ROBERTO’s BULLHORN: BIG BEN Voting Thread Will Go Live On Friday June 12 @ MIDNIGHT
Until then…
I am NOT looking.



Nice model!

Keep in mind you have until This friday to post a Final entry!

Keep it up!



I’m really pleased with the end result, i don’t think i ever made anything this detailed.

Render time: about 7 hours
Rendered and modeled in Cinema4D
Time spend on it: estimaded 60 -70 hours
Final Entry:

[/b]1600 x 1200 Version

[b]Orthographic views:

[/b]- Top
- Side (Left)


Great entry.

BTW if you wish to tweak your entry (or add to it) you have until Friday night.



very detailed modeling, great work :thumbsup:

love the shading+render too.


Hey thats cool… lighting is great


Congrats Eric! If you put so much effort in your school-work, you would be a straight-A student, keep in mind we will use blender in semester 6 wink (extra handicap so I would not lose face if you out-model you teacher hehehe).

But seriously, very nice, I’m proud o’ya…




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