Hardcore Modeling Challange! The David:Full Body


Hi, everyone.
In this challenge, I want to push up my skill basic modeling and ZBrushing. :slight_smile:

This is just one-day base modeling by metasequoia(JP modeler), and one-day
ZBrushing, after job.
I’m gonna finish this in next two holidays, because I have to work on a heavy job
next week.

This is very tough after you stop symmetric modeling, and begin asymmetric one in ZBrush.
Especially, Finger, Foot, and Face(including hair) modeling is kind of insane.
If you break symmetric model of face, it’s gonna make you go insance by fixing that
by hand in ZBrush.

This is WIP, so don’t look at David face…jesus :banghead:


I’m looking at the face! I’m looking at the face! ahhhh. :smiley:

Wow, you’re fast!
When you say two days of work, do you mean 16 hours or is it shorter?

Great work on the torso and arms, well the whole body really. Keep it up!


>>When you say two days of work, do you mean 16 hours or is it shorter?

I guess it took about 13 hours, I guess.
Zbrushing is like a drawing picture, so it is basically fast if you have a skill of drawing. :thumbsup:


what the hell is going on with face!!!
it is so much big so when u open the thumbnail what u see at firs is the face!
i was kidding
nice start
i prefer to do much in poly and just details in zbrush :d



>>i prefer to do much in poly and just details in zbrush :d

Yeah, usually, I do that kind of modeling, and think you can have better control
of polygon with that.
But, this time, I wanna try ZBrush, and get better knowledge of it.
And, I also tried ZSphere, but…that doesn’t fit in my way :sad:


And, these are screen shots of Metasequoia, and ZBrush, and 3ds max :thumbsup:


A bit of morning work.
Damn, his head is falling down backwards :banghead:


Nice, I think you will have a big advantage over everyone else. :slight_smile:


hey thats nice
it s going on nicely
it looks that u are so fast in modelling



Thanks, man. :slight_smile:
But, if you look at this model from different view,
hmmm… :rolleyes:
I’m gonna fix this until this challenge ends(maybe, only weekends.
coz I’m so exhausted weekday after work.:twisted: )

And, now I know that, if you have enough time of modeling and need to do precise
modeling, I recommend you to do basic modeling in a standard package(Maya, max, or
whatever app you like), until you finish 80~90% of that modeling.
Then, you can add details to the extreme in ZBrush.

Maybe, I could be wrong because I don’t use ZSphere, which can be used like bone systems
with Skinning, so you can change topology very dynamically.


Today’s work.
So tired, and my hand is shaking.:twisted:
(I’m using a tablet for modeling and operation.)


i think it is going on nice

but let look more at refrences
there are some diffrences actualy in face
and o ther parts
anyway nice up to here



Thanks, alshakno.
It seems that it’s too fast to go to ZBrushing, I guess.
But, I learned some ZBrush thing.
I want to end my challenge. :slight_smile:
Good luck to you, and all challengers :thumbsup:


TWO WEEKS TO GO! (MAY 15th):Hardcore Modeling Challenge: THE DAVID!
Just a reminder




ONE WEEK TO GO :The Hardcore Modeling MINI-Challenge #1: The David (MAY 15th)




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