Hardcore Modeling Challange! The David:Full Body


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Ok, so. Here we go again.
To little time, to fun to miss out on.

Going for learning rather then winning, but I’m hoping that you (yes, YOU) are to chicken to enter(Craaa, Craaa, chicken, chicken!:twisted: ), which will grant me the nr 1 spot effortlessly. :smiley:

18 days I can use until May 14th, roughly 2 hrs a day bringing up the total time I have to make this: 36 hrs.

Goal check points:
Rough body done April 23
Rough face done April 30
Refining details done May 7
Finished body May 14

Easy as dismanteling a nuclear bomb after detonation…


cool waiting for updates


Thanks thebest! :smiley:

Didn’t have much time tonight, so after one hour I have completed the rough mock-up of the stone part that David is standing on.

Took longer then I thought…
6 hours left to make the rough body.
Not impossible.


just keep going u are doing great :thumbsup:


Wow the rough block is very rough! Great start!!


Starting the rough mock up of the body, trying to get the stance correct.
Time for this 1:30
total time so far: 2:30

Man, there is a reason I work with buildings. Organic modeling is going to be a great new experience. Only worked with a few times


Hi Zem
shaping is nice
u have good speed but it need more time to do and more attention
it is not a normal work!!!


2 more hours, so 4:30 in total. Starting to connect the different pieces.

Thanks, alshakno, yeah I need a lot more time to add all the details.

Next I’ll be making feet and hands. Hope to get it done by tomorrow


Rough body done.

Next: rough face


Somebody do a rough first, somebody do the finished piece part by part, it is interesting.
I am doing near finished and am looking the rough approach with curiosity.
Personally I think the rough approach is suited when you are inventing a character
but it is not necessary when blueprints of these quality are provided. But probably
I am wrong and it can give a correct body proportions so I will be watching.


Hey, Bao.

The main reason I’m making a rough is that I intend to covert it to Sub-D, to make the details. I haven’t worked with sub-d in four years, so I thought this was a good place to re-learn.


Turned into sub-d. Started to work with the torso. I have put the head on hold for the moment. I have some freelance work coming up and might have to cut this short. I will make the head at a different time.

worked 2 hours adding edges and working with the torso.
total 6:30

  • 2 hours that I forgot to log last time
    total time 8:30


Well, it’s been fun to model David, and inspirational to watch all the other participants, but I have to withdraw from the challange this time. The freelance work I was waiting for came up sooner than expected and will start tomorrow. As I already have a full time job, time to model for this challange will be close to zero.

I will however finish the body, (maby also the head) after the freelance is over and I have some time. But I will post that in the 3D wip thread instead.

See you all on a different challange!:wavey:


thats a shame, it was looking good, make sure you do finish it - having a ‘David’ in your portfolio can only be a good thing.


TWO WEEKS TO GO! (MAY 15th):Hardcore Modeling Challenge: THE DAVID!
Just a reminder



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