Hardcore Modeling : Big Ben : Detail Clock Tower


I was really not sure whether to start this beautiful modeling challenge or not. There are plenty of good photo references, but I´m still missing details. I dont like to model things that I cannot well recognize.

This is my start :


Great work.

Looking forward to more updates!



Updates on the way :slight_smile:


another update…
next I will focus on the top and the roof


mouarf…it’s a very good modeling
Could it be possible to have a close up wire/shade of your lateral rhombus parts pliiiiz ? :slight_smile:


That looks great so far.


I have a question for u?

Did u model the clock just in one part or it is several parts ?


another update

there are always some minor issues, that you actually find out only in the render. It is easy to correct that line at the bottom of the clocks and missing arches in the very middle.

dominikmk : yes, it consist of several parts, but they are pretty good aligned to one another so it looks like one solid object… and I am convinced, that it will be also better for texturing

SweD : Firstly , I cannot understand what does “lateral rhombus” means. :slight_smile: :scream: I am going to do more close ups to see details, because on these renders many beautiful details are washed out.


with my question i forgot to say, nice work :thumbsup:


added top wall
I don´t have already made clocks in the render because I have it in separate files. Also made minor changes and final touches to clocks - I will post clocks render next time.


Added upper side pillars

There are some small details that are still missing :wip: - like old inscriptions. Its because i have only limited references and from that the letters are not completely clear. Also missing floral reliefs behind the front shields and similar reliefs behind the upper shield. I will have to decide whether to model these parts or use a texture, but its called hardcore modeling challenge, so I would prefer the first way.

Thats all for today. Time to go to bed. :wise:


Amazing details!


added first roof

This was the hardest part so far. I wanted to model the whole roof, not use a texture. The first difficulty turned out right in the middle of modeling process. I suddenly realized that I have got not 8 horizontal rows as on the original roof of BigBen, but 9 :eek: :eek: I wasnt happy at all. I wasnt sure whether to do the whole roof again with 8 rows or let there 9 rows. I have found the third way - not an easy one - I removed all the edges and vertices on correct places and shortened the number of rows down to 8. :slight_smile: So finally im satisfied with the result.

On the upper parts I have really no good refences, so it will be funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Polycount is as I expected not so low. Now 190.000 triangles.
Lot of details are not visible because of the same colour, but after texturing you will see them.

Still missing 2 statues and inscriptions and floral reliefs.


Well well well ! :eek: Really nice work dude :thumbsup:, man where do u get the time ? are u planning to do the parlement too ? :bounce: I keep following ur thread dude !


TheThidMan : thanks

dominikmk : yeah, you´re right, the time is an issue; I´m not the fastest modeler in this forum but I try to catch all the details. I´m not planning to do Parliament, because of the time. I will be happy to complete BigBen on time and do final renders.


added other top parts.

added inscription
details on inscription… I know that other small details around this area aren´t 100% correct, because I found 2 close-up pictures on this part posted by zzzrByte, so I will correct that as soon as I complete roof parts.


WoW… I really like this… how many polygons now? … awesome!:eek:


added last roof.
polygons still around 200.000.


Really Hardcore! :smiley:


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great work:thumbsup: