I am a big fan of Adams work. So this sounded fun.
I picked a desert church:


hey john glad someone is doing that piece, it was one i had thought of doing, its nice to see his color work isn’t it?
nice start. it will probably look different once you have more and smooth, but that large square shape at the corner doesn’t seem to have such a hard edge at the top but seems to blend in with the tower.


Yea, I know what you mean. I did a quick glance through all the refs and this was my initial favorite but I wanted to make sure and went throuhgh all the rrest and still came back to this one. I am thinking I may be able reuse the church model when I am done in a game level. :lightbulb



nice progress, have you found other reference pictures of this? i think you’ll need them for the detail on the molding over the doorway and under the tower peaks.
the pillars inside the towers look to be fully sqaured but in yours they look like thin walls, maybe i’m seeing the original photo wrong though.


No, I have yet find any more refs. So I am struggling to pick the details out from that small photo. I was not sure about the tower walls but after your suggestion I looked again at the photo and I think you are correct so I changed it. Other than tightening up some edges that all that is new.


google images using “Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico” pulls up quite a bit, hope those help.


I owe you a beer spaceboy412 :beer: I now have more than enough refs. No excuses now :slight_smile:


Door work and stuff :slight_smile:


Its coming together nicely, I think you did great on the towers, those pillars look more like the ones on the ref now :slight_smile: and the detailing is coming along nicely, could we have a closer look at the detail you did at the door? keep the good work up, regards Anders


Probably to much detail on the door since its so far away but in real life there is even more detail. If I can get the rest of the scene finished in time I will come back and add the rest of the details.


i like the doors, and i’m not sure about it being too much detail our final render needs to be 1600pix right, so at that size i would think that detail will be very visible.


Link to photo of doors
Actual doors
I am with you. Being a game artist I am enjoying adding all the geometry detail that I usually have to put into the textures.




Much o tweaks :banghead:


This looks great so far, there is very little to crit, the model looks very accurate. The textures need a bit of work and the pipe that runs up the back wall is not casting a shadow, I find it makes it look a little out of place.
Looking forward to more.
good luck!


Thanks for the comments RubberEggs. I will probably be fixing the textures right up to the deadline.
I have finished modeling everything in view in the original reference. :bounce:
I have decided to keep going and model the rest of the grounds for kicks. The back of the building and entrance are very interesting.


The back is going to be interesting, indeed.

I enjoyed reading your progress, impressive. To be honest, there isn’t that much work/modelling, but the final result kicks. Good job.


Thanks aminos. I am enjoying this one.
Christmas seemed appropriate to post an update of a Christian church.
Updates inclucled modeled path stones at the entrance and rear buildings. The scene is now over 200k polygons.