HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: She-Ra


Really cool so far. Looking forward to the final product


Really love your take on her Tiara/Crown piece! I really like how it’s not a natural feather flow and gesture to it instead of the usual static, perfect feathers. The sword is great too, she’s really shaping up nicely!


very nice the proportions are great, can’t wait to see it finished


MarioGuillermo: Thank you, I’ll try not to disappoint.

  BrettSinclair: Many thanks for your interest and comment. I'm honored, as I find your work as posted here and on ZBC very inspirational.
  Baena: Thanks a lot for your feedback, Nate. I'm glad you like it so far. Looking forward to more crits, suggestions and comments from you.  
  Here's another small update and my take on a cross between the classic She-Ra corset and ancient Roman muscled armor. Well, the result is ancient Eternian boobed armor, however effective that might be other than severly distracting male opponents. ;)
  No render yet, as I was too lazy to organize my current, "somewhat individual" hierarchy and/or apply MR subD-approximations to all those objects separately. Differently shaded objects for better visual separation will have to do for now.
  I think I'm about done adding detail to this thing. Shoot me some comments and suggestions, as I am really almost just making wild design choices in the dark here with the only detailed guidelines I have being Nate's and Zephiri's paintings. 


oh man that armor is sweet! reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic. man o man cool!:buttrock:


Great Bodice! I like the filigre around the edges, but I’m not crazy about the centerpiece. I find it is too bulky and distracting. Perhaps if you made it thinner, like the filigre (as if it was enameled onto the armor). A nice touch would be to have some of the centerpieces’ “arms” flow up onto the breasts. But that’s simply design suggestion. As for real crits, I have none. Your attention to detail is inspiring and really shows through on your model.



Damn, thats mad. You got a serious amount of detail there, and its all polys sofar.
I feel your pain with the sub-d render nodes. Sounds like a headache. In max, I select the objects I want sub-d’d a certain way, paste a turbosmooth on em in one click. Done, Just have to change one of the instances and good to go.
I gotta do some cloth sim too, but your corset looks great. I think you should do the sim last before rendering, its how Im approching it. A good cheat is to take the draping part of the mesh, make a plane that covers this, sim that and wrap deform the dress to it, save lots of problems.


Corset looks great. Only thing is I can’t help thinking that those sharp looking spikes at the bottom sides would be really uncomfortable every time she turns her body or raises her legs :argh:


…and the tiny little dress doesn’t provide a lot of armor, and high heel, knee-high boots are a little awkward when trying to keep your balance sitting in an absurd saddle, riding atop a flying horse, charging into battle against the forces of evil, but I don’t think comfort was in mind during the design stages of She-Ra. :smiley:



Looks incredibly cool, can’t wait to see the final model.


Dang Razor, you are doing a great job. This is much more detail than I was expecting.

OUCH, quite pointy. Okay, make sure she’s standing. :smiley:


razeverius:Thanks a lot, mate!

        RageOfAges: Yeah, that center-emblem is quite overpowering visually. I tried to reduce it down a bit in the following update, which is as far as I can push it in. To make the petals flow onto the breasts would mean to make the whole thing bigger. I tried that and did not like how it just dominated the whole design, hence I am keeping it fairly small. 

Many thanks again for the really helpful feedback. :slight_smile:
PS: Yeah, functionality rarely ever has any part in character design. Just think of the armies of pencil-armed, silicon-boobed, scantily clad chicks we see these days in CG and pretty much anywhere, hanging out in ie harsh winter environments, carrying swords and battle axes that Arnold would have had a hard time to wield in in his prime! lol

        Airflow: Hey, this is a modeling challenge after all, so I am challenging myself in that department. ;) 
 Yeah, Max seems to make some things a lot easier than Maya. 
 My plans and workflow exactly on the simulation. That's so much faster and less painful. Thanks a lot for the comment and input. :)
        T0BER: You are absolutely right! I feel like an idiot for missing that. The spike has to go! 
      Cheers and many thanks to you for pointing that out to me. :beer:
        FICTIS: Thank you!
        WyattHarris: Thanks a lot, Wyatt! 
        I could not help it, I had to add some detail on the backside. I know, most of it probably wont be visible due to the cape, but it looked so darn empty. Also, I was able to overcome my complacency and do a "proper" test render:
       All materials are still only placeholders to get a feel for the shapes. (The Anisotropic was a really bad choice for the white parts in this case, as it really washes out the subtle detail created by the simulation. I should have stayed with a Blinn.)
        Wires on the smooth preview:
       Keep the c&c's coming. :)


Oooh I love the dragon. Very stylish.



That is looking soooooooooo good, Felix. My favorite part is the romanesque tone.


oh yeah there’s a dragon at the side cool!:cool:


great modeling


RazorsEdge you pulled it out greatly. This is one i will for sure hope to get finish soon.

Good luck, your progress is excellent and the detail you got there is very rich.

Keep it up, and hope you can finish all in time.


yeah, very nice detail work. I too hope you finish on time. Keep up the great work!


Rendered and smoothed it reminds me of Sophitia from Soul Calibur. That’s a good thing. :smiley:


loving your work so far, the detail is amazing