HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: She-Ra


You’re doind a great job Felix, be interesting to see how you scale the sword with your model of She-ra. The toy one looks a little extreme for the size of her arms, will you be going for a realistic approach do you think?

Keep at it


Thanks, Scott. I’ll be going the more realistic route, but will keep the sword fairly large, since that’s how it is in the original concept and I am guessing that it being magic and all, it wont be that heavy to lift. :wink:

As requested by Joel, here’s an overview of how I modeled the helmet. I won’t have much time in the next few days, so I figured I’ll get this out of the way now. I kept the illustration fairly general, since I did not want to bore you guys with the basics of box- and primitive-modeling etc.

  1. I built the base directly on the head of the model using NEX/Quaddraw, extruded the poly plane for thickness and edited the corners etc.
  2. Using a bend deformer, I fitted the main gem, which is modeled from a cylinder and sphere, to the shape of the helmet base.
  3. Doing some simple, flat up&down box modeling, I arrived at the shapes for the wing arm and a template feather.
  4. I then duplicated the feather along the wing arm.
  5. Using a lattice I tweaked the feathers as a whole into place.
  6. Next I duplicated the tweaked feathers, repositioned them and scaled them down to represent the 2nd layer. To get more irregular shapes, I also tweaked the whole thing a few times with higher-res lattices.
  7. A bend deformer was used to deform the whole thing around the head.
  8. The ornaments are simple objects modeled directly onto the base with Quaddraw etc. For the gems, I used the original one as duplicate-template. As you can see, I am still playing with more additions in this deptartment.

If there are any more questions, requests or suggestions, shoot away. :slight_smile:



hey felix!

doing a great job here.
sorry dude, can’t really come up with any useful crits for you. just encouragement.
i like you did the sword more feminine compared the one in your last ref picture.
looking forward to see your take on those boots.



Thanks, Rasmus. :slight_smile:

Yep, She-Ra is quite the girly character and I felt making her more hard-edged/aggressive with a more martial/barbarian-style look is going away from the original design, which I think, albeit rather sketchily, really defines what she is all about. So I’m trying my best to keep everything about her rather feminine and soft. Zephyri really did a nice job of retaining her original characteristics in her painting (second in the first reference post).

I’m going to loose the high heels on the boots for a compromise with the original look though. That’s just plain ridiculous on a fighting character. lol



That sword is the real thing :thumbsup: Overall i like the way you are planning to take this design wise.
And that site you posted, the armorvenue thing…good as gold :wink: Will definitely refer to it many times in the future


stage-gr: Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m glad you find the link helpful. The pics over there could ideally be more high-res, but regardless of image resolution there’s lots of really nice stuff very useful as modeling reference.

Here’s an update on the body sculpt. Some slight reposing in Maya and lots of silhouette and contour sculpting in Mudbox. This is about as far as I’ll go in regards to detail before I have the rest of the outfit modeled. I’ll revisit the exposed body parts once she is fully dressed and geared.

Maya test render with a slightly edited Blinn on the flatshaded MB mid-res mesh :

Level Progression of the current mid-res sculpt in Mudbox:

I just noticed something odd about the neck. I think it’s too slim. If you guys see something that needs fixing, let me know.



Looking awesome. :smiley:


Oberyn: Thanks, mate! I’ll be sure to relay the compliment to her. :smiley:

Here’s another small update. I added some more detail to the helmet. Now I’ve got to uv that thing.:argh:

Cheers and later!


LOL yeah seems daunting. The best thing to do would have been to UV the one you built before duplicating, something I ALWAYS forget to do when creating duplicates like this. Then you could just offset each feather in the 1-1 space. But as they say, Hindsight is 50/50 :smiley:

Your model looks really clean and efficient. Could you post some wires for us? - no crits from me at this point.

Keep it up, She’s really coming together nicely.



Thanks, Joel! :slight_smile:

Happens to me all the time. lol I tend to jump right into modeling, rather than to plan effectively first.

I am assuming, you’d like to see the wires for the finished helmet? There are quite a few for the body in the earlier pages and that topology has not changed, just been sculpted.

Here are the wires, low-res and smoothed for the helmet, as well as the UV’s, as usual laid out in UVL.

The UVs are for the helmet and necklace. I also left some space for possible additions.

I got started on the clothing and here’s a shot-progression of what I like to call SAM: Simulation Aided Modeling
(I know it’s nothing new, just had to get it out of my system. lol :wink: )

I basically modeled half of a simple dress from a subdivided plane, which I wrapped around the body with a bend deformer. I then mirrored that to the back and edited the topo as I went along with lots of re-simulation, mesh smoothing using the Maya sculpt brush, pin-constraining and wrinkle-map painting using the MBL1-mesh as the collider for this prototype undergarment/dress. This thing is still active and will follow along nicely when I finally pose her and add more forces. Taking my usual functional approach, the body armor will be separate and go on top of that.

Btw, those are OpenGl display errors, not penetrations.

Cheers! :arteest:


I played with Ncloth towards the end of my maya days and was blown away at how awesome it was. I haven’t dabbled much in dynamics since then, but at the time time (couple years ago), there was nothing that came close in efficiency and quality. I see the results still stand :smiley:



NCloth is nice for some things, but I cannot stomach it for this kind of application. It’s such a pain to get decent collisions etc with. Also, I personally find it rather unintuitive to use, but it appears I am not at all representative for the Maya-user norm. This was done using Syflex, my cloth-sim favorite. :slight_smile:



hey felix!

-very nice. cloth sim is yet another part of 3d i haven’t touched yet. i’ve always modeled the darn thing. hehehe
not sure though, but it seems a bit short (compared to your last ref). the wind shouldn’t blow much for her to do a “monroe”… hehe

as for the model itself, i’d say her wrists and hands looks too thin. might be the angles, though.



This is looking top-notch, man. =) Love the crown.


My extent of dynamic cloth has been very nice flags. :smiley: The simulation worked well looks like. But it seems like it would hang more loose thinking of gravity as the effector. What makes it adhere to her chest?


rasmusW: Thanks for the comments. I was in total agreement with you about the length of the dress, but then looked at the original concept again. I think that thing is even shorter. lol I’m probably going to lengthen it a bit nontheless.
Yeah, the hands have been an issue. Hands always are. lol In this case, I think its the angle, as I keep measuring them and they turn out fine. Well, maybe I’ll size them up a bit as a whole.

Oberyn: Thanks! I’m trying my best. :slight_smile:

WyattHarris: Yeah, I know what you mean. I didnt really get into cloth-sim until I requested a Trial license of Syflex for Maya. Now I’m coming up with all kinds of things to use it for.
The default cloth simulated as shown in step 2, then starting with step 3, I applied what they call a “wrinkle map”. It doesnt really work that well in creating nice wrinkles on lower-res meshes and is rather time-consuming to use correctly, but I tend to apply it more like a kind of shrinkwrap, where the grayscale color tells the system how strong the cloth is contracting in on itself until it comes in contact with the envelope of the collider surface. It then still simulates very nicely, but as a side effect I did get a significantly shorter dress in this case. :smiley:
Hope this answers your question satisfactorily.

Naz dorovje!


The mesh on that helmet looks great, man. Was it a lot of work to get it UV’d properly?
About the dress-lenght: I’t short, but it looks just like the reference pictures. (And Christina Aguilera would probably still think it’s far too modest and conservative :D)


MistaFraggadeliX: Thanks a lot, mate! :slight_smile:
Doing the UVs in Maya, I think I would have croaked, but using headus UVLayout made it rather painless. I think it took me about an hour to lay them out as you can see in the image.
I’m not really sure yet what I’ll do about the dress/skirt-length. I’ll get back to that once I have the other costume parts in place and can really coordinate her overall appearance. Many thanks for your input! Its much appreciated. :slight_smile:

     Ok, here goes another one. I got started on the armor/corset (the latter of which is what I finally realized this really must be in the original concept. Duh! The high heels should have been a dead-giveaway. lol).
     I really liked the shapes I got from the simulation-modeling and hence simply repurposed a duplicate of the dress into a base shape. I struggled a while with some failed attempts to move on from there, until I realized this really is a corset, rather than armor. After researching that subject for a bit and gaining a more thorough understanding about this piece of "female-curve-enhancing" equipment (I know, its a dreadful subject, but I gritted my teeth and hung in there. ;) ), I edited the topo quite a bit to where it would lead me to the shapes I wanted. Lastly, I took it into MB to push the "cups" together appropriate to the corset-context etc and added some more detail back in Maya. Next step will be the embellishments.
  Shoot any questions and comments you might have!


Yep, answers my question just fine.

Corset looks good. I’m glad to hear you were able to struggle through your research. :smiley:


Great modeling man, She-Ra is really coming to life. Can’t wait to see her armed and ready for combat.