HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: She-Ra


Awww man! The matronly She-Ra is hilarious, if only I wasn’t doing a character from Ulysees I’d probably take a stab at it.


Dude! Not the fat one! :surprised:argh:


waterlilly: She’s hard to resist, isnt she!?

SteveTsang: Why not? lol :wink:

I haven’t had much time to work on this, but thanks to headus UVLayout was able to get the UVs laid out rather quickly. At least that part is out of the way now.

More later!


Hey Felix, how’s it going? I’d love to see the chubbier version but I realise that would take a lot of work to achieve.

Looking good so far and hope you haven’t lost your motivation!


Hey Scott, thanks for stopping by. Motivation is not the issue, availability of time on the other hand is. I’ll keep working on this as time permits and will post updates as soon as I have something worthwile.



Your mesh is nice and clean, so I don`t think you’ll have issues when it comes to putting a bit of meat on her hands and whatnot.
I think you’ll run into some serious sculpting/texturing issues with that UV layout, though. Her head is taking up around 3-5% of your UV space. That means that at a texture resolution of 2048x2048, you’ll end up with MAYBE 128x128 pixel space for her entire head. Her face seems to be about half of that shell, which means that if you’re detailing in mudbox or zbrush, you’ll have about 64x64 pixels for her face. This is not NEARLY enough space for displacement or texturing.

You might consider moving the shell for her head into it’s own uv space and scaling it up to maximize that space. If you don’t want to Use 2 UV spaces, cuz I know it can be a pain to work with, you could also scale all the other shells down, then the head up. Your layout looks really clean (gotta love Headus UVLayout), so if you scale up the head shell so that it takes up around 33% of your space, You should have enough room for on the rest of the body.

*Here’s some things to keep in mind too:

-She’ll be wearing a dress ( I assume, for the sake of decency), so all the UV’s from her naval to the bottom of her breasts could be scaled down to a very small area. It won’t be seen so it doesn’t matter.
-She’ll be wearing boots, too. So all UV’s from below the knee to the tip of her toes could also be serioiusly scaled down.

Doing just these 2 small edits will leave you a LOT of room to scale up her head shell.

Good luck and nice work so far



Many thanks for the detailed input, Joel. It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Of course you are absolutely correct about the limited texture space for the head etc. The layout on the above image is the tentative one I ended up with in UVL, where I’m always trying to get as few shells as possible. For some reason trying to get one shell is always a weird fixation of mine. lol At some point I even had the legs attached to the main body on this one.
I was planning to arrange the UVs into more spaces later in Maya and perhaps even cut them up into more shells for optimized texture space. As you can see, there’s still some texture stretch on the neck and chest, which I’ll probably remove then as well.
For this project, I might try your suggestion of scaling the pieces in one 0-1 space. Thanks again for the detailed suggestion. :beer:

Cheers and keep the comments coming!


I’ve had some more time to work on this and took a break from sculpting the body to get started on the accessories, as far as physical dimensions etc already permit.

The head is pretty much worked out in regards to proportion and silhouette, so I tackled the helmet/headpiece and a small necklace. Here’s what I had in Maya after some rather extensive bend deformer/lattice work.

Test render with a colored Blinn for the main parts and Dielectric for the jewels:

Base lowpoly and smoothed version:

3-Angle view:

I tried to pretty much stick to the original design on this, but made the “wings” a bit more realistic in proportions.

Anyways this is far from finished, but about ready to be taken into ZB for a detail-pass after I add a little more detail.

Naz Dorovje!:arteest:


Here’s another small update!

1st modeling pass on the sword:

There’s still lots of detail to put onto that thing with the next pass. I know the shaders look crappy, but that’s not really the point right now. :wink:

Skol and laters!

Edit: The gemstone should be blue on this, I guess. lol That’s what happens when you repurpose things previously modeled.


Wow, thats some really tight modeling man, great going.


cool looking sword you have there


Good going man. I believe you’re going to get it done well in time. All the best !


Thanks a lot for the comments guys! :slight_smile:

Alrighty, here’s another tiny update.

I decided to model in some more detail on the helmet and neckpiece before taking them into ZB. This is a modeling, and not a sculpting challenge after all. :wink:

Something seems to be missing above the red jewel though and I cant quite figure out what to put there. If any of you have some ideas for more details, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

I could not resist and painted on some sketchy irisis directly inside of Maya. All-white scleras freak me out. :blush:

I just realized that the neckpiece in the original design is actually a ribbon that the cape attaches to. That’s a pretty stupid idea. One nice pull on the cape and voila… snapped neck … easy victory due to lame hero-design choices. lol Hence I’ll probably go with the newer design, which attaches the cape to the body-armor or figure something else out.

Here’s a small update on the sword.

I made some small global shape edits and added the leather grip as well as the bottom of the hand guard.

Anyways, shoot me some comments and suggestions.



Loving the look of the sword, the details look sweet :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, Stephen! :slight_smile:

I’m calling it a wrap for the modeling part on the sword, so here’s the final geo before ZB-detailing:

If anybody wants to see some wip pictures on how I arrived at certain specific shapes, let me know.



hey felix!

very nice progress here. everything looks clean and well organized.
i’ll see if i can find time tomorrow to give some propper crits.
right now, i’m off to bed.



Thanks, Rasmus! Looking forward to your crits. :slight_smile:

As a further reference, I was able to get the MotU action figure by the 4 Horsemen on Ebay and will be keeping that handy for some inspiration.

The one thing I definitely won’t be replicating is the pouch collection on the right ankle. What kind of a dumb idea is that?!?!? Of all the places to put equipment, this must be one of the most idiotic.:rolleyes:

I’ll be trying to keep my design a bit more functional and have been researching armor etc a lot, rather than continuing on with the modeling. I found this extremely cool site, which I think some of you might really appreciate: http://www.armorvenue.com/

Check it out for some really awesome stuff.



Nice collectible, Felix!

I found your She-Ra crown to be really awesome when you posted it (and it still is, of course), but looking at that action figure it could use a bit of tweaking, in my opinion.
I like how on the action figure the crown is more fanned out. It makes her look more Powerful whereas on your model I get more of a sense of wisdom. Here’s what I picture when I compare the 2 sidebyside:

Your Model: I picture her sitting on a highbacked throne, with her back very straight and her hands flat on her lap. In my head, she is listening to a petitioner or is about to pass sentence on a prisoner or some such.

Action Figure: Here I pictured her on a campaign, or as a general on a hilltop directing her armies. More like a battle She-Ra.

Well, Perhaps I extapolate a little too much, but it’s past my bed time and my brain has a tendency to make stuff up on it’s own when I get tired. Regardless, both look really cool, It just depends on what you’re going for.
I’d like to see some WIPs on how you made that crown, btw. It looks prety intricate.

The Sword:

This is awesome. I actually know a tiny bit about making swords. My brother is a blacksmith and I visited him at the forge for a week when he was studying. For practice he researched swordmaking and together we made one. It was really bad, btw, but the technique was still there.
What I really like about your sword is that it looks like it could be put together piece by piece, and they fit perfectly well together.

That’s my 2 cents worth. I’m off to bed now.



Nice work on sword there Razor. Although it’s 3D the shaders on it give it that quality of that first color drawing of SheRa in this post. I don’t know if that is the look you were going for, but I like it. :cool:

Also that helmet is looking pretty sweet… Keep up the good work.


Many thanks for taking the time for the detailed crit, Joel! That’s exactely the kind of advice/feedback I am looking for. :slight_smile:

You are spot on with your mental imagery. I really appreciate you relaying that. Here are my thoughts on the current look of my model vs the action figure.

In this action figure, I personally feel the 4 Horsemen translated too much of Teela (the original figure upon which She-Ra is built) onto her and lost quite a bit of the original design’s characteristics.

I thought, although she is a warrior, that wisdom, grace, and gentleness were more of a priority for this character, as most of her raw power is magic anyways, whereas ie Teela would have to be represented more as a fierce warrior in both physique and apparell. Hence the more “flowing”/rounded look for She-Ra.

To me the wings indicate flying/streamlining and superiority through perfection of technique rather than crushing power or fierceness. I really dont want her to be visually intimidating on a martial level, but rather exude the characteristics connected with legendary kings and queens who where both wise and powerful warriors, plus have a little bit of the grace and beauty we usually associate only with angels. So the more regal look is exactly what I am going for in my model, and I’m glad it comes across as such. Thanks a lot for communicating that impression of yours, as it really helped to strengthen the concept in my head.

Thanks also for the comments on the sword. I built it with my knowledge and experience as a martial artist in the back of my mind and wanted it, at the very least to have some resemblance of functionality. I’m glad someone knowledgable recognises that as such.

I’ll have a wip progession for the helmet coming up for you as soon as I can spare the time.

Many thanks again for that rare kind of sweet feedback. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the comment. The shaders will receive quite some more work, but now that you say it, I might actually keep some of the current look.

Cheers and keep the c&c’s coming!