HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: Kaneda's Bike


Always wanted to do Kaneda, I did his bike about 5 years ago for a asset in mmo called THERE. It came in great and everyone loved it, but you couldnot ride it. This time, If Im fast enough, I can make the bike and Kaneda, I wanna recreate this.

Im building the bike off some crap bluprints that dont even line up, so if anyone has got anything bigger let me know. Thanks.
First render.


Jasus Rob, this is a bit last minute, didn’t realise you were going for another 80’s challenge! Good luck with this one…


Aye, quite ambitious you are :thumbsup:


That’s right, Akira was in the 80s. Good choice but you crazy. Good luck Air.


Thanks guys.
Im slowly learning there is a thousand variations of this bike.
Its taking longer to get refernace than to build it :smiley:




More updates, nearly finished it, but thes aint been posted yet, so here they are.


Ok bike was done last night, managed a road this morn. Currently doing the sticker and logo work in pshop, then onto Kaneda. Dont think ill have time to make the lazergun by tonight tho. :slight_smile:


Well, Mr A is a demon when it comes to modelling and true professional.

He will come up with the goods.


Bike complete.
I cant finish Kaneda by the original deadline. but Im gonna document it so theres lots of images, mini tut if you will.

Anyway, the finished bike, reserch time nearly a full day for finding schematics and defining what the bike looked like and finding the logos. A day and a half for modelling the bike. And half a day for the road, lighting.


you are a mad man, two model for one project! the bike is looking bad ass. u got till Friday to make Akira…


He will be finished by tomorrow morning. Im looking for the schematics of the Laser Rifle.

Lots of images here in this update, kinda a steb by step thing.

Ok, I started by making the bone system Im gonna use to rig the mesh, I put it on its own layer.

Then I copy the bones and paste them onto the character layer, then delete the left leg and arm.

I then convert the bones to polys.

And start attatching the bits together, arm, leg and body stay seperate.

Once attached, I select the little verts on the ends and remove them. Then I bridge the arm chunks together. Same with the leg.

The 3 parts bridged.

Then I insert loops along the front ad side of the arm, and delet the center faces of the body, Im gonna symmetry or live mirror.

I start tweaking the verts, pushing them inwards to get rid of boxyness.


I continue smoothing out the mesh round the shoulders.

Then I bring my referance in, got these screengrabs of the dvd I own.

I start refining the head

and the body alternatly using the referance planes moved behibd and infront of the mesh.


I keep going like this till I get the hair line lined up on the head and start cutting in detail for the ear.

Then do the same for the front

Ill update in a couple of hours with just images as it to about an hour to put this tut together.



Remember Mr A - “Winners don’t take drugs!” :smiley:

LOL, if it ain’t drugs you’re taking then it must be raw talent. :cool:


Lol, its my special pair of Dunlops.


Man Airflow, you are fast. This is amazing work in such a short time.



Yeah, I would have been even faster, its funny how life conspires against you concerning time, and once its started dont let up.
Two friends I aint heard from in ages contacted me yesterday to help them out
one with an fx shot and the other with a virus laden pc, just got back from fixing the pc.
Whew, waiting for the third distraction now. :slight_smile:




Keep up the heat, Mr A.