HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: Jonny Quest


I’m going for Jonny Quest on this one! Still haven’t figured out if I want to go for a realistic of action figure type yet.


It’s on!
Heres my first WIP picture.
I try not to follow a standard modelling technique to make it more funny to work with, and to see if I learn something new all the time.

Even though it’s not much yet, crits and comments are welcome!


I like your style of modeling. I also work like that. Work out the important edge rings and then connect them afterwards. Box modeling is beyond me.

look forward to seeing more.


Thank you RageOfAges, I tried the box modeling in the start, but I never got used to it.

Here is a little update. Boy is this challenge a cool one, nice pick Roberto.


Nice. You might want to add a row of polys between the lower lip and the chin area, or retopologize the row under the lip to avoid shading issues and poles. Also you have a strange ring around the eye. You should address this early on so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem when you have more geometry.

Keep it up



Thanks again RageOfAges, yeah, I didn’t notice the eye issue, I will have to work on that.

Here is a little test render with a picture projected on the model from the front.



looking good.


thanks man


The basemesh for the head is pretty much done, I will go into Mudbox later to make waves in the hair etc.


man this is great! It looks just like him.




I love Jonny Quest , Great start…

good luck !


Looking great so far, can’t say I’ve heard of this character but already he has character with the big hair :slight_smile:


Johnny Quest was most memorable to me because people actually died in the show. .:gasp:. It was quite gritty is some aspects.

Johhny’s looking good so far.


RageOfAges Thanks alot man

wev Thank you

samartin Thanks

WyattHarris Yeah, not for small children that show, hehe. Thanks btw.

I haven’t had the time to update him today, mostly just done some more research.


exactly why I liked the show. I remember an episode where an entire army was trampled by an avalanche.


I have been looking for some decent shoe references to Jonnys shoes, but I didn’t find anygood ones, and the series isn’t that well drawn :P, so I manipulated a photo (upper left picture) to make this side view that I’m going to use as a guide:


Great looking face, keep up the good work- can’t wait to see the rest of the costume take form.


looks great! I don’t remember the show myself, but I was born in the 80’s so that could be why :smiley:


i used to watch just the intro of that show … just bcoz of that bike chase scene,
liked the way u started the face … its looking good so far too …
gud luck …