HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: He-Man & BattleCat Diorama


Hi, my entry would be a diorama from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe.
The basic idea would be He-Man in a heroic pose riding on a rearing BattleCat.

I would be referencing from paintings by Earl Norem, and actual MOTU toys.

Hopefully the model would turn out as inspiring as the paintings.


some work-in-progress of He-Man, more revisions needed

and BattleCat, just roughing out the forms for now, 1st time making a muscular cat, should be fun. I’m using the toy as reference, unable to find photos for such a muscular cat.


A paint-over to test the proportions before making the costume

Seems pretty decent


loved it.

what program are you using for modeling?


Very nice work so far!

Your anatomy looks rather weird in some places though, ie in the quadriceps area (the rectus femoris seems way to big and the vastus medials appears to be attaching to the wrong place on its upper insertion) as well as the serratus and brachioradialis. Judging from this angle, the tibia does not seem to have its characteristic curvature. Just my two cents. :wink:



hi Azereus, thank you, i’m using max & zbrush.
hi TheRazorsEdge, i really appreciate this kind of feedback, thank you!

BattleCat Update:


its looking good man !! good luck


akhenaten: thanks, good luck to you too!

Here’s an update

a pose test, any comments would be most helpful ,


hey omnilight!

man it’s good to see you’ve entered…it was your dragon ball z work that was the base inspiration for me entering this challenge…

i can see a lot of similarities in your he-man anatomy and your goku anatomy and thats only a good thing…cos its nice and stylised and awesome…

look forward to following this one…

any new dbz stuff in the works as well? i check your site every now and then but there hasn’t been an update recently


robo3687: hey, your models are looking great so far, looking forward to your final entry. i didnt have much time for personal projects until recently, so no updated dbz models yet, thanks for dropping by!


Looks like a very cool pose! To my eyes, the guy looks like he is just about to loose balance and fall off though. Bending him a tad forward at the waist might fix that. For some reason it also looks to me as if the beasty is trying to throw him off, rather then rising/charging with him. Maybe fixing the angle of the head can correct that.



finally an update!


quick update with test paint over, he’s got an axe attached to his back, shield in left hand


beginnings of the battlecat armour, added teeth, tongue and claws too.


It’s perfect!


this is lookin great!!

the pose is perfect, cant wait to see the final piece! =)


thank you Slashmore & energise, i can’t wait to finish it as well


Wow, thats looking really nice.


oh man why’d I just see this thread now. This looks cool!:buttrock:


Outstanding work so far. I am loving this!