HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon: Gummi Bears


[color=DarkOrange]Hey now that things are done if anyone has a chance to give a minute and Critic the I would greatly appreciate it! LINK HIGHREZ[/color]
This is my first Challenge! Yeah!
Here is my Latest WIP Crits most welcome and most appreciated! More pics at the end of the thread!


I think I am going to do a diorama of a ogre and zummi gummy at least this is my first thoughts we’ll see where it goes from here.


hey mnartgirl!

fun topic! i’ve seen quite a lot of these cartoons.
looking forward to see some great cartoon modeling.



Awesome topic choice. One of my favorite shows when I was young.


Nice choice of characters, loved the gummi bears, looking forward to seeing how this post progresses :smiley:


here is some more ref


HAHA nice one I used to love this show


Hey finally sat down and started modeling for a hour or so. I want to push all quads on this one and really clean geometry. Just started on the cheek so it is messed up at the moment.


Here is a quick update thought I would try and make zummi’s medallion


hey amanda!

good to see something new here.
the logo is looking good. think it’s too early to give propper crits on him.



cool, im a noob so my words are useless so i cant really say things that much except goodluck :applause:


The medallion looks nice and clean.


Hey here is a quick update I haven’t had a ton of time so things are going quite slow. And I am being overly nit picky.
Just started on the hat.


Hey does any one know of a tutorial for modeling his cloak I am working with maya 7

I have never really tackled any free flowing clothes.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hey thought I would post haven’t done much but a bit more. Got slammed this week! Anywho I just mirrored his geometry quick, so there are some issues around the middle. Any who let me know what you think.


gosh I love that cartoon :slight_smile: can’t believe it’s the 80s - I’m really getting old :wink:

Good start - will be following that one!


Looks like fun!

I’m surprised that little peon ogre isn’t on any of the character sheets. (Unfortunately I can’t recall the name, but I’m sure he’s one of the ogres that actually did have a name.) He was one of my favorite sources of comic-relief on that show. “Oh duuuuukey? etc…”

I just had to look a little bit further down the google listings… Toadie was his name. Nothing would bring out the Duke’s scorn like when he does a “I told you so.” after a villainous plan fails.


Hey it’s kind of funny you mentioned Toadie, Pauljs75! I originally was going to do a scene with Zummi and one of the large Ogres but had a day or so ago decided to have Toadie in there instead. Zummi is going to be lifting him with one of his spells I think.

Here is a update! Hand and Feet are just roughed in finally had a couple of hours to work today happyness!


Hey here is the full model when I pose him I will his hat and clothes less symmetrical.
Any Crits greatly appreciated!

Here’s a wire… Textures and more to come


I just started blocking in a background. Not much yet but here is some more ref for Toadie and the background