HARDCORE MODELING!: 80's Cartoon:Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers LOGO



[li]ARTIST NAME[/li][/ul]David Řezáč

[li]BEAUTY RENDER[/li][/ul]
[li]HIREZ RENDER LINK (VOLUNTARY)[/li][/ul]1200x1600 hirez link
[li]TURNTABLE ANIMATION (VOLUNTARY)[/li][/ul]turntable animation 450x600 mp4 (quicktime)

[li]WIP THREAD[/li][/ul]wip thread here

I use XSI 7.01, render MR, no lights only HDRi Map with IP (new render method) I testing it :slight_smile: Spent about 6 days (50-60 hours). Sorry for my bad english.


   I try to make a logo of my favorite cartoon series [b]Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. [/b]Only for fun. 
   This is my reference finding on internet. (google, youtube, flickr)


hey thats actually a cool way of doing this challenge good luck with it


Agreed! Very original idea. Good luck mate.


No doubt, still has the 2 main guys in it. That’ll look good.


Neat! Can’t wait to see the results!



first I modeling technical part and then I do characters = organic part :slight_smile: Everything is hand modeling in XSI 7.01 Ess. No fonts use for modeling.

… text rescue rangers still wip

and sorry my english is poor.


Hey REZI, the logo is looking great, can’t wait to see Chip and Dale in there :slight_smile:

Good stuff :slight_smile:


looking great, might want to bring the rescue rangers out a bit more, you lose it a bit. course with textures it wont really matter. but just throwing that out there


Spot on, good job on the logo Rezi.


Wow cool. You modeled that text by hand? matching a font by hand is no easy task but you managed to get it spot on. I love your idea and you’re off to a great start.



very thanks guys :wink:

RageOfAges: yes everything is hand modeled with oldschool method- simply i create plane/grid and then extrude edges = create new face/polygon etc. This is hardcore so I dont use fonts :slight_smile:

cbeese: thx for note this text is still wip so I thinking about it.



Just see your post in the Gadget one, I want to make Monterrey Jak (after all I choose thundercats) but still colect references.

Its the only model sheet I saw but is too small

Have a nice day


Now that’s awesome! I really can’t wait for the chipmunks to be there. Good Work!


Rofideo very thanks man :wink: vshen thx too :slight_smile: I havent time this week but i start with character very soon :wink:



Finally, I starts modeling chipmunk character. This is firts wip. ( I guess about 5 hours modeling). No hurry, everything still wip. Thx for C&C.


Hello David…

Whoa…very cool start…i just loved the Logo…
can’t wait to see it finished…




Finish Dale head… What do you think?


This is totally adorable, man. Great work!


Good job on the modeling - it looks just like Dale. :slight_smile:



Oberyn, catnip: thx :slight_smile:

So, I have much hard work, so I havent time for complete RR logo.
I done easier RR logo and special cg society base. Specifically for this competition.

I hope that it will be like :slight_smile:

and now a try make some shaders and then beauty render. I hope that I have time :frowning: :slight_smile: