HARDCORE MODELING!: 30Days_30Models: Silver


Hello everyone, I’m entering the hardcore modeling challenge under silver

heres my first entry, eraser





thnx for looking


2nd model screwdriver 2 hours




thnx for looking


hippo Model #3

time: 4 hours





thnx for looking, c&c most appreciated


There’s something very off about the proportions on the hippo. To me, it looks more like a pig than a hippo.

Try grabbing some more reference photos. Just from memory, I would think that the legs need to be more defined because hippos are very heavy and their legs need to support that weight. Also the belly is very… je ne sais quoi. I’d say that it needs to bulge more to make the hippo look heavier. But, since I haven’t researched reference images, I could be way off.

Also, I think the metal shader on the screwdriver is way too bright for environment. The model is sooo good by itself. I think the shader is really distracting from the model.

Still, this is some nice modeling. Keep it up.


The screwdriver is very nicely done. I applaud you for trying something organic.:applause: The porportions are alittle off but you are the first I’ve seen try a hippo.

Its definetly a lot harder than something mechanical. Good job so far.


thnx guys for the comments very helpful, gonna go rework the hippo with your critques before I move on to any other models.


hi guys, I’m back with the changes you suggested,






appreciate some more c&c, thnx in advance


model 4- gameboy

c&c most appreciated, thnx for looking


nice work on the gameboy…makes me think i should go back and model the battery bit as well…i have the section all there for it…just couldn’t be bothered doing it…lol


robo3687- thnx robo, I’d definietly like to see you tackle the battery compartment man. Your gameboy is definetly the best cg gameboy I’ve ever seen.

model 5- Model T




good work dude. the model T is very nice!


model 6 - video camera

model 7 - tugboat

thnx for looking, c&c most appreciated


I’m digging your tugboat…very good!


I love all your models except that of the hippo… still too blocky for an organic model… other than that great details man…


Binder -thnx

icedeyes- thnx, I agree with the hippo being too blocky for an organic model, thats something I’ll keep in mind when reworking the hippo

model 8: uzi

model 9: desert eagle


model 10: horse

thnx for looking c&c most appreciated.


FYI to all:
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