Hardcore Modeling!: 30 Days, 20 Models: GOLD


[right]-added on Sep 24
[left]Hi all.
Am in…hoping to do 30 models in 30 days.

 [b]About the challenge[/b]: It was very strange for myself to just decide that I wanna do this challenge in the midst of the workload I already had. I had really loved the concept and I love working to meet impossible deadlines. I felt I could use this challenge to develop and polish my skills making things that I may never have to make in a studio environment. I am basically a character modeler (trying to be :bounce:  )    and therefore have not tried or am not much confident about making props and inorganic stuff. Am really happy I jumped in..am enjoying it. Whether I'll get time to do 30 is secondary for now.
About my tool: [/b]My fave 3DS Max 8. The same for all models. Renders in mentalray/vray..post in photoshop.

Approach: I plan to use box or poly modeling through out the challenge. I’ll try keeping spline extrusion modeling and booleans out of my way for good results after turbosmooth. So choice of models also will be things that have a curvy edge to it. Something that could help me work my line flows and stuff out as well (yeah…even on inorganic models:shrug: just a thought)


Heres my 1st.
#1: Segway (4 hours 40 minutes) and a couple of hours to apply some basic shaders n render tests

    Beauty 01
    Beauty 02 
 About Segway:  I wanted to start off with something I havent seen. Segway on the list sounded good. Googled for Segway and I saw this really cool personal mobile. Made this at office freetime (2-3 sessions of it).


Here’s my next
#2 Screw (approx 1.5 hours to model…shading extra)





A Shaded trial here…

About Screw: I started off with no definite plan as to how to go about it:shrug:. But I knew a spring primitive could help. I dint want to use boolean though coz I want to use a turbosmooth for tat natural look. took some time figuring it out… and then it was a breeze. I’m happy with the result. Rendering took a long time to get the effect I wanted.


Heres the next:
(box modeling. no booleans.)
#3 PENCIL (2.15 hours to model. shading and rendering extra)


Front and Side

Top and Bottom


in colors…

About: Long time since I used a wooden pencil. I went around looking for this wooden pencil (yellow and black) with the eraser at the back…and the only available pencil with the rubber at the back was a camlin flora (it had some flowery prints on it). Anyways bought one and sharpened it with a knife to get a really uneven careless look. The lead looked untouched though from sides. Used tat as reference for the model.


:thumbsup: top work…love the shaded renders of the screw and the pencil


thanks robo dude! ur thread is rocking!!

Here’s my next.

#4 Nail ( Roman Crucifixion Nails) (45 mins…shading and rendering extra)




in Color…

About nails: Crucifixion nails…dreaded stuff. Thought U could use some Zbrush too. Primitive modeling in max plus a lot of rust and wear from zbrush. Finished it in one uninterrupted sitting for the 1st time :slight_smile:


Here’s my next!

(3.45 hours…shading rendering extra)



in color…

About Gladius: Am a fan of bladed weapons and I always loved this this…but never knew its proper name. Googled around for reference images and found 2 that I could crossbreed for my make. ref1 and ref2
Poly modeling…no spline extrusions.


Anish! awesome modeling and rendering… PENCIL and NAIL is my favourite… I am sure that the next model is going to be even better… ALL THE BEST… GOOD WORK


Thanks Nitin. Am trying…:slight_smile:

Another one. hmm…This was rather simpler. I might replace it later on with an orcish axe …if time permits. :shrug:

#6 AXE (1.20 hours and a lot of time on shading and rendering:D)

Top n Bottom

Front n Back



About Axe: Had actualy collected a lot of very high detailed orcish axe images for reference earlier. But had to settle for this one (owing to ‘time’ reasons) for which I dint hav a live reference for. This is what I have seen being used in real life. The model was simple and easy…texturing and shadin was tough…used zbrush not for the hero axe, but for the cut tree bark :eek:.


Your beauty renders are just beautiful. Are you doing field of focus in 3ds Max or Vray? Can you do something like that with just 3ds Max? Because I dont have Vray.


Thanks noggy!
Depth of field is simulated in Vray. Max, by default, also can simulate depth of field. Just check out the camera parameters. U can even do a quick preview of ur depth of field on the viewport. In there, the more the value u set for samples, the better quality of DOF u get.


nice models!!..:thumbsup:…what program are you using?..the details on the Roman Crucifixion Nails are very nice indeed.


thanks binder! I use Max. the nails got a little help from zbrush.


Here’s my next.

(4 hours plus extra shadin and renderin time)


Top n Bottom

Front n Side

in color…(i’m not really happy with this one)

About Stool: Looked like quite a relaxable day at office. Wanted to do something I’d really love to do…something inorganic with an organic feel with respect to modeling. Google gave me thiswhich I wanted to use as the base reference. Full on polygon modeling…no spline extrusions or booleans.


WHAT???..very good modeling, I’m loving the imperfections you have going there, giving it a “not so perfect as most 3d models tend to look” feel…lol :thumbsup:


I agree with binder… I think that all your models are looking good… Even the stool (which you don’t really like)…

One thing though… on the gladius where did you get your references??.. I don’t think that that resembles a gladius at all… (sorry I took latin a few years ago and the gladius is the roman battle sword)… that and have you seen Gladiator… he used the gladius alot (like I said it was the roman battle sword)… Though it is a nice sword for sure :thumbsup:. Sorry just my 2 cents… lol

Honestly everything else looks awesome… keep it up


Thanks a lot Binder and morphius_ms…
I was actually talking about the shaded render that I dint like. Just felt I could do better with more time…maybe later. This was my reference Yeah…I did alter a little on it here and there, but tryin not to kill its aesthetics. (No happy accidents either)
And morphius, I frankly dint know wat a gladius was until i saw it on the list. Just googled around for one and loved every thing i saw. :shrug:Just made one of my choice combining elements from several samples. This and Thiswere the ones I used more for reference. (Both shot up on the 1st page of google image search with keyword Gladius)
…And about all the shine and glitter…well…lol…:slight_smile:
Thanks again…keep visiting.


Hi Anish,
Great works! Keep it up…and all the very best for the rest of the works! I know this is a big ‘challenge’ for you…I am with you! Go on, Rock on!


Thank you Priyan !!!

Here’s another simple one…

(donno how and why…but it took almost 1.30 hours to model this one:sad:…shadin extra)


Front and Side

Top n bottom

in colors…

About Tacks: Getting a reference for this was the easiest :cool: It was all around me at office (especially around my cabin and I’ve had to pull out atleast 4-5 of them from under my shoes so far :scream:)


Your beauty renders are gorgeous, very dreamlike. Good work


Lagging by 2 days already :scream:
Makes me feel like taking holidays from office to complete the challenge…lol

Here’s another one…
#9 PARK BENCH (6-8 hours modeling and shading extra)

Beauty render…

Side and a closeup

Top and Front

Back and Bottom

in color…

About Park Bench: Here again, I had no exact reference…i’d taken bits and pieces from many places…plus the butterfly design is my own simplification of a really complex design I found on one reference image. This was made thru the night. I slept on the keyboard and chairback many times during its making :banghead:. Full on box modeling. No splines or booleans involved.