HARDCORE MODELING!: 15 Expressions ONE Model: Rowan Atkinson


Wow, there are a lot of people participating in this one - must be a good topic!

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  I've been wanting to participate in a HMC for a while now, and this one seemed like it would be particularly educational for me. So here goes.
    As my subject, I've chosen a favourite actor of mine, Rowan Atkinson. I've been collecting reference so far and have come up with this:
    As my favourite character of his is Blackadder, I think I will eventually represent him as he looks in this role/at that age. Plus that way I can come up with some spiffy costumes if I have time (not sure how likely that is...).
   I'll be working in Blender, with some ZBrush for sculpting, and my aim is to come up with each expression as a morph target (possibly with the help of a rig for the jaw/cheek area) so that I can create a quick animation of him morphing through each one in the end - that would look sweet.
   No clue what expressions I'll do yet, but Rowan has plenty to choose from!
    Anyway. Off to work!


Good choice!!


Great choice. Rowan is awesome:beer:


yeah I love the guy [especially in Blackadder and his standups]! Gret choice!


First WIP shot. Looking very rough so far - no plans on really going for the likeness until the whole head is there. Not liking the lips yet…


Yes good choice. My first two choices were Rowan Atikinson and Jim Carrey as Count Olaf, but I decided to do somthing orighinal. Interester in seeing your edgeflow for the brow and cheeks and lips, and your gonna need alot of detail there for this guy.


Decided to take a look at the topology, not trying to draw a full wire frame over the image - just trying to find where things flow and so forth - particularly over the cheekbone area at the moment. Rowan seems to have a lot of expression around that area, so I’m concerned about getting the topology right there.

And another WIP image: making progress on the likeness in profile view, front view is still not there. Still, a long way to go yet.


More work, haven’t done anything on the brows/forehead yet. I think that ought to help a lot once that stuff goes in. He has some very defined wrinkles across his forehead that should help a lot with the likeness.


I love this challenge, everyone’s picking great faces- lots of my faves too!


nice choice! his facial expression can be more entertain then…


Man what a cool face, I never thought of him. Nice progress too; you can already pick out his characteristics from even this early start on the mesh.



Added some work on the brow, eyes, and of course added ears! The ears dont look right just yet though.


Making some more progress. The topology has gotten about as complex as I want it to get (maybe a little more, we’ll see…). I think I’ve made some decent headway on the likeness as a result though:

Current goals:

  • Break symmetry (which the lazy part of me finds very scary) :argh:
  • Sculpt in some of the persistent details (moles, pores, the remaining prominent wrinkles)
  • Start doing expressions and see where the topology needs fixing. Like I say there are a good number of poles ATM, and that doesn’t bother me greatly, and I think for the most part they serve a purpose, it would be foolish to assume some of them won’t cause problems and need moving.


Great choice and very nice work on the head so far.



Found some time to do a bit of sculpting, and after tearing my hair out trying to understand the zbrush -> blender pipeline for displacement maps, I seem to have worked it out:


Some more progress, added hair, beard, basic textures (still needing work) and SSS shader (not my own see link). Then started on expressions.

#1: Tired

Still plenty of things to be working on - no insides to the mouth as of yet (this will be a separate object so that I can switch it off when it isn’t needed), the textures still need some work, as does the hair, and I will most likely sculpt some extra detail for each of the expressions if I can find the time.

Also, eyelashes.


Heh, I know it isn’t necessary, but I couldn’t resist doing a quick little play-blast style animation. Damn thing keeps making me yawn whilst I try to work on it. I’ll have to do a more awake expression :wink:


Some sculpting work on the two expressions I have so far, along with reference for them:

#1 Tired:

#2 Prideful smirk:

Does anyone know if I can re-import obj files from zbrush as morph targets for my original mesh? The vertex order and such should be the same (okay might be…), but I can’t work out if there’s a nice way to do it. The trouble with displacement maps I find is that even the the lowest subdivision level gets altered a bit in ZB, so just exporting a displacement map doesnt give quite the same results as the sculpt. Am I doing something stupid?


nice work on the expressions - personally I feel you could have worked the neutral face a bit more, as it lacks refined features at the moment.

as to your question I’m not quite sure I understand what you have in mind - could you perhaps give a step by step of what you’re doing?


Hey, First that all Good choose!, I like it…he’s coming out well, (perhaps I’m looking the chin of him a little bit flat, but nevermind maybe I’m wrong).
Love the Play-blast work, hehe. :buttrock: