Hard to explain in short.... but it's MAXscript thing :)


I was wondering,
would it be possible to write some kind of script that would show in Mini Curve Editor curves of world coordinates of a object, which is child of other object (whose rotation is animated)?

What I mean with this:
“Show curves of world coordinates of a child object” - max shows no curves for transformations for a child object which transforms are not animated (“only goes where the parent is going”), what is OK and logical. But what about this: lets have a object#1 which is NOT animated, but is child of object#2. Rotation of object#2 IS animated, so object#1 follows object#2. So the position of object#1 changes in respect of “world center”.

Now, would it be possible to show this motion as curves in Mini Curve Editor (or Curve Editor)? In a matter of fact, this would translate the Trajectory curve which can be shown in viewport to some kind of projection of this curve in time (ehh… standard curves for motion of animated object :slight_smile: )

Any Ideas? :lightbulb


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