Hard surface practice - Nike Sneakers Doc Brown wip


Back on the hard surface stuff again. Recently a friend and fellow artist asked me to model some nike vandal high sneakers worn by Doc Brown in Back to the future, for his new character project, so i jumped at the chance, i’ve made a few minor tweaks to the shoe, but for the most part they are true to the originals, currently a wip, comments welcome


Wow that’s a clean looking model. I’m too new to give any feedback besides wow :stuck_out_tongue:


HaHa thanks, it was a pretty fun project to work on :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you post the low poly/non subd model?
No critiques from me… that’s about as good as a shoe model could probably look.


Nice modeling ! If you add a little imperfections in zbrush it will make your shoes even more believeable


Pretty damn incredible!


Damn can’t believe i missed these replies :frowning: sorry guys, here’s the model with sub d off, not much really low poly about these, once i had modelled the basic shoe, i made the sub d modifier editable on 1 or 2 to give me enough geometry for some of the cuts in the side :slight_smile:



yep i agree, i think i’ll revisit these after i finished the jedi character and add a few more bits to it