Hard Surface Character Modeling


Robots, mechs and sci-fi suits of armour. These each provide their own unique challenges and are quite different, but they all share something in common. They are characters.

Characters are not cars, props, or buildings and require a different type of attention and focus. However, they do share a lot of things in common with cars, weapons, and props and can become a balancing act to create an appealing character.

Josh will share his process and knowledge he’s learned from creating characters and robots from movies like Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Real Steel and Total Recall. He will show how to create a robotic character while focusing on things like proportion, shape, rhythm, silhouette and muscularity.

In the course we will make a waist up bust of a bipedal robot. This will include the head, upper torso and abdomen as well as the arms and hands. Students are given concepts to choose from that range from relatively simple for a beginner, to more complex for advanced students. Other concepts or projects can be used for the course with instructor approval.

For a week by week course guide check out CGWorkshops and enrol now !


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