Hard edges with Modeling Toolkit - problem


For a while now i was wondering if there is any solution for this little problem in using Modeling Toolkit when extruding edges!

When extruding edges with Modeling Toolkit on a cylinder (or any other surface with some angle), as you can see on the image below, extruded edge doesn’t inherit edge smoothness and instead of nice continuous smooth surface there are hard edges.

I know that i can smooth them by going to Normals-Soften Edges or in Channel Box by increasing Smoothness Angle but this is really getting little annoying after a while.

I was wondering if there is some hidden option or some other solution i don’t know about that fix this and makes it behave as it is with normal Maya’s EditMesh-Extrude command, without me manually smoothing them every time i made extrusion.

ps. Why i don’t then simply use EditMesh-Extrude instead of Modeling Toolkit?
I like it a lot Modeling Toolkit’s pressing “shift” + manipulator and those little circles to constrain on two axis. It’s just a lot better and faster then before for me!

Any advice is much appreciated!


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