Hard Edge display in maya 2014


Following the new age software development paradigm “1 step forth, 2 steps back” they removed the option to show hard edges only. I’m not sure about the other industries but for low-to-middle poly gamedev it was critical. I mean displaying wireframe with solid lines of its hard edges and removing soft edges completely. Will it be possible to bring it back by some means?



I found the same problem like you and I contact with Autodesk Help by Twitter.

You can read here:

I used the form to send a formal request to Autodesk to return to old functionallity and add a new option to show like in Maya 2014 as ‘hardHighlight’ for example.

Perhaps you can do the same using the feedback form and they can change it for next Maya 2014 SP. If more people do the same request perhaps they change it.


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